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Sep 26, 2004

Bush/Satan '04! (Or, three recommendations for the price of one)

video1 video2 video3

I'm usually more judicious in picking out video clips, but I really couldn't decide which of these I liked better.

The first ad, 'Fortunate Son', from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is the first I've seen that (finally!) targets Bush's military record exclusively from the standpoint of privilege.

I like the second piece, "Ten Cuidado Del Nombre (Beware of the Name) Bush" from the New Democratic Network (NDN) for a couple reasons: Obviously, it's interesting to see an ad that is vertically cast for a hispanic audience; I think the tune is infectious (the site provides an MP3 download); and it reminds how the music video format lends a softer edge to a hard edged narrative. As well, it suggests that, with a hispanic audience, there's less pulling of punches.

Finally, I think the Satan piece ( is very confident. I comb through so much parody, and most of it is either not that funny, or more fatally, not that self assured. On first pass, you would think a Bush endorsement from Satan would be a slam dunk idea. However, the concept is so obvious (given Bush's blind faith), the problem of how to execute it does nothing but raise the bar.

Video Clip One: DNC's Fortunate Son
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Video Clip Two: NDN's Ten Cuidado Del Nombre (Beware of the Name) Bush
Video page here

Video Three: Satan For Bush
.mov file here

(clip 1 & 2 source:
(clip 3 source;


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It's pretty funny to see someone like Senator John Kerry go on about his opponent's privilege. Drop me an e-mail when Bush marries in to a fortune - twice! Is there simply nothing on which President Bush can be attacked that Kerry isn't worse on?

Si'mon ese, we don't pull punches, we go for the pinche jugular porque we got bigger huevos than those pendejo rethuglicans.

Gee, Ben Barnes, Democrat and Kerry fund raiser, says a guy now dead, asked him to get Bush into the TXANG. Yeah, how could anyone question THAT as a source?


I have put together a web site containing four short films about the Bush Administration.

Please take a look and forward the web site to as many people as you can. Please incourage those you contact to send the link on to others. In particular, if you know any swing voters or Bush supporters, I encourage you to send them a personal message encouraging them to think about voting for Kerry, including my site and any others that might sway them.

Three of the four films deal with the run-up to the war. While many things disturb me about the Bush Administration, its deceitful overselling of the case for WMD in Iraq is one of the more obvious reasons that these people do not deserve to lead our Nation. Perhaps we will never know in detail the actual reasons we went to war, but there can be little doubt that lies and scare-tactics were used to rush us into this quagmire.

Since the movie files are fairly large, choosing a broadband location will enhance your viewing pleasure.

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