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Sep 01, 2005

War Footing



This is the lead image and headline at DR this morning.  Is this what we can expect from the right wing at the height of humanitarian crisis?  Of course, the wide angle and the viewers low vantage only makes this more imposing -- and that's without the drawn guns.

...And, did Matt realize all the soldiers are white?

UPDATE (4:30 pm PST): I happened to catch some FOX News today, and even watched FOX and CNN side-by-side for a while.  It was hard to believe these two outfits were looking at the same event.  CNN was focused on the logistics of emergency relief.  FOX was speculating on large scale civil disobedience.


Ah! I'm glad you caught that this morning, often times the Drudge Report throws something out there that I'm just hoping your eyes catch.

Anyone else find it a bit disconcerting that there isn't any water or flooding to be found in the image? Seems pretty dry underfoot.

The picture represents what many a right-wing WASp fears, that the dark folk get screwed and come gunning for their collective butts.

The title alone brings to mind movies like Red Dawn, except that guns will not a levee make.

So Bush is sending troops to Iraq, pardon to New Orleans. The tactics are the same and freedom is marching on.
The Democrats are in ranks with Republicans as on the war.
What is needed is rage and not quiet frustration.
Friday, bush is going to visit the disaster area, I only wonder what kind of reception will the white house stage there so that media will show crowds loving bush.

Just a few things, because I'm talking to the above Josh about this as well.

First and foremost, for me, is the pop culture connotation that comes from the title. It invites us who have listened to RATM to view this in context of violence. Attending a Quaker school, and a peace church, this really pisses me off. If anything should be happening right now, it should be a resurgence of disobedience to the status quo and a unanimous outpouring of private and public funds to rebuild this sunken city. I can't imagine my country refusing to help her own children.

As for other things.. I mentioned to Josh that, while it may not necessarily be entirely "fair" (and while Sean Paul Kelly at the Agonist may disagree, I doubt any President of any capacity could've properly anticipated and provided for this catastrophe), dear Katrina is not the real reason for Bush's sudden deflation. Beforehand his approvals were steadily declining. This is an unveiling of latent discontent (if I may be so wonkish) from the public mind. Goddamnit, watching enough boys come home from Walter Reed with halflimbs and broken minds, hearing again and again the "rally around the flag" speech, tasting the same sticky, sick feeling every time another roadside bomb is announced on the scrolling tickertape of day today life, THIS adds up. And this will change us as a nation, I am sure.

Another thing, on the raw image analysis- the sky is clear and blue. Thanks, Matt.

Looks like the troops have arrived to save the day.

Except-- it certainly doesn't look like there is any looting in this area. Must be the troops are there to protect the good folks with money, the ones that live above the water line.

And I seem to remember that the Battle for New Orleans was fought after the War was over, whichever war it was, perhaps the War of 1812. Slow communications. Same problem that George Bush has.

However, I don't see how David Jorgensen can attack redstaterepublican like he has above. Way, way out of line.

Republicans didn't elect Bush, it was the Democrats. Twice. Republicans didn't create all those poor people in New Orleans, this has been going on for two hundred years.

The environmental catastrophe that is the lower Mississippi River has been growing worse for decades.

And for chrissakes, New Orleans is in a hole surrounded by water. What did anybody think was going to eventually happen.

To some extent one could say that the Republicans have been doing what they are supposed to be doing--- taking it all for themselves, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

The question is what have the Democrats been doing? And why do so many working stiffs vote for the very Republican Party that works against their interests. And why do so many poor people not vote?

I enjoyed the comments of redstaterepublican, maybe he could learn from the liberals, and it sure seems that some liberals could learn to listen to other points of view.

It's a sorry state of affairs and the botched response is only making it worse.

The Guardsmen who would have been on the scene mmediately are in Iraq... so there weren't enough "boots on the ground" from the first day of aftermath, when they were needed. Looters broke into a new WalMart and stole all of the guns. With 24 hours notice, why weren't those guns (and others) moved into a vault somewhere???? The street rabble is armed. So now they are shooting at police and helicopters and rescuers and hospital personnel. The posts from nurses and firemen are indicating that they, too are desperate and in need of rescue.

Bush says that he is NOW moving 1400 troops a day into the area to clamp down on the violence. Sure, there is violence! Those people are hot, tired, thirsty, half-drowned, and desperate... and they are doing exactly what the people did after Baghdad fell, or in any area that has a calamity of this magnitude. The darkness is greater than the lack of power... it is also a darkness of planning and imagination. The suffering will get worse, and even being swept up and deposited into a hell-hole like GITMO is better than being shot for a bag of ice or bottle of water.

However, this image reminds me of a man with a hammer, who finds it as the ideal solution to any problem from opening a paint can to repairing a window. Bush has troops and guns, and that is his response to a crisis of any kind.


It has been quite a long time since I actually removed a comment or banned a commentor from the BAG. In fact, I've been extremely proud of the thoughtful discussion on the site from across the political spectrum. This morning, however, a commentor not only left a mindless and salacious comment here, its intent was primarily to bait another BAG reader. I understand emotions are running high right now, but there's no excuse for refusing to think or for disrespecting this site and the people who share in it.

From Army Times: Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans:

“This place is going to look like Little Somalia,” Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force told Army Times Friday as hundreds of armed troops under his charge prepared to launch a massive citywide security mission from a staging area outside the Louisiana Superdome. “We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.”

I believe the Brig. Gen. left out three key words in there: "... take this city back [from the blacks]."

Welcome to race relations in New Orleans. Two thirds of the city is black. From whom are the Army taking it back? The "INSURGENCY."

The insurgent Americans are now terrorizing America. Unbelievable.

Could the times get any crazier?

I caught Harry Connick Jr. on CNN. He said something like: "People are focusing on the looting of plasma TVs. Well, if I had to live like a lot of these people, I'd be getting myself a plasma, too. Maybe the good that will come of this will be that this city becomes more equitable and fair in the future."

Well, if blacks are now being characterized as the "insurgents," looks like we shouldn't be expecting fairness and equality anytime soon.

The racial division in New Orleans runs wide and deep. My mother-in-law grew up in New Orleans and my Boston born and bred father-in-law has never stopped railing against the rampant racism down there. Then again, Boston ain't the fairest place either.

This country has a long way to go if it wants to be considered a beacon of freedom, equality and compassion for all.

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