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May 16, 2006

La Evidencia Conclusiva (The Smoking Gun)




Is the Republican center-right coalition finally imploding?

For months now, anti-immigration wingnuts have been thrashing about in search of a 2000 campaign video of Bush waving the Mexican flag.  Then, what do you know?  The footage stealthily turns up -- just a matter of hours before Bush's immigration address -- as part of Michelle Malkin's cheesy anti-Bush talking-head web video on "Hot Air," her new conservative videoblog.

In early April, The LAT published an excellent article (Immigrant Issues Are Personal for Bush) tracing GDub's pro-immigration history.  It touched on Bush's early promotion of bilingual education.  It described how, as Texas governor, Bush opposed California Governor Pete Wilson on Proposition 187 which would have cut off public services to illegal immigrants.  It noted how "W" challenged Pat Buchanan in the 1996 Presidential race to avoid anti-immigration attacks.  And it outlined how Bush defied pressure from Buchanan in reinstating healthcare benefits threatened by the new welfare law for non-citizen children.

Also, the story explained how Bush came to hire one Lionel Sosa to create a campaign video -- including this footage, shot during a Mexican Independence Day parade in San Antonio in 1998, during then-Governor Bush's reelection campaign-- to reach out to Latinos in the '00 presidential campaign.

GW may have tossed some bones to the right in his speech last night.  Overall, however, Bush has been keeping it fuzzy while remaining favorably disposed to the pro-immigration argument.  It's this stance that has people like Malkin and the Minute Men all worked up.

Even if wingnuts are ultimately more interested in putting Bush's feet to the fire than burning down his house, there's plenty of kindling there.  Given Malkin's absolute obsession with the American flag -- and especially, it's use by pro-immigration protesters -- possession of these images become as satisfying to angry Michelle (and the diaffected far right) as, say... the portrait of an Oval Office Bush - Abramoff hug would be to Daily Kos.

(Update 5/19/06:  In the discussion thread, a BAGreader points out that the Sosa video actually surfaced a few weeks ago.  Even so, the news didn't really get around -- including to me -- and the video remained mostly under the radar.  As well, MM's use of it now is noteworthy as indication of how the Repubs are starting to tear themselves apart.  I have since found dead links to the video, called "Latino Spirit," on Kos and ThinkProgress.  C&L has a Windows Media link, however, which worked for me.)

(images: No Amnesty, No Bull)


Its a stance that has "Malkin and the Minute Men all worked up". Ah, it a stance that has more than those wackos worked up. Its got a ton of working people worked up. See construction and manufacturing trades. And failing to understand this point is one of the main reasons there is a large gap between groups that deluded themselves into thinking they are 'progressive'on one side, and much of the middle class in America (the shrinking middle class)on the other

These photos remind me of the Amigos, an episode of the TV show, "Arrested Development," where Buster moves in with his mother's housekeeper Lupe's family thinking he's in Mexico. Poor neglected Buster misinterprets the innate courtesy of Lupe's family with real familial love (something he's never experienced) and says, "I love being a Mexican!" He ends up happily going to work as a dishwasher saying, "This is great! We're like slave buddies!" as he rides in the back of a truck with Lupe's relatives. The photos here show the Buster-ish side of Bush, an unloved man who "likes" Mexicans because he hopes they'll give him the affection he's never received from his own family. But he's too selfish and self-absorbed to have any real empathy for the harsh realities of their immigrant lives.

Can Malkin campaign to have the citizenship of 'anchor babies' revoked, and thus deport herself? Please?

"Is that an anti-immigration bill in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" Pederast.

This picture/video has been up for months on the Think Progess site

this aint nothing new Ms. Malagong

here is the link from APRIL 4, 2006 (what took so long)

What if....

...W had surrounded himself with better people in his administration? [Heck, PEOPLE, period.] People who really were in this governmenting bidness for the sake of service and not to play power politics and prove that failed policies of the 60's and 70's were right, dammit! People who actually listened to objections and saw them as corrective rather than threatening and responded with maturity rather than reacted with spite?

I find myself strangely sympathetic to the man in these pictures. I see someone who seems to be genuinely in sync with the other person, a la Clinton. Well, as far as W can be, anyway. How odd that the very thing that Malkin finds condemning about him, I find redeeming. He looks very relaxed and engaged with this person and she seems delighted that he is enjoying himself. Usually, when I see W interacting or touching someone in a photo op, I squirm for that person. Not so, here. This seems genuine and warm and slightly goofy.

These photos show me a "what might have been" persona; someone who has a spark of humanity and with the guidance and encouragment of truly compassionate people, W may have been able to govern. Sure, his policies might still have been sucky but not the disasters that they are.

I guess the wingers are right. 9/11 changed everything.

momly said: "I guess the wingers are right. 9/11 changed everything."

I couldn't disagree more. 9/11 didn't "change" anything, it simply brought to the surface an amalgam of fears, prejudices, ignorance, arrogance, and a blindered sense of American entitlement that was deep within people all along. And that churned-up sludge of emotions was and still is exploited by the likes of George Bush et al. If you spent some non-tourist time elbow-to-elbow on the streets and subways of New York City every day, you would see what I mean. Nothing is different. If it seems different elsewhere in the country, I'd argue that it's not really different there, either. Same as it ever was.

I meant that comment to be ironic. 9/11 opened a door for the non humans surrounding Bush (and his own non-humanness) to take over and morph the administration into something entirely hellish.

The pictures of Bush pre-presidency posted above made me think that there was a chance for something different - until 9/11.

Thanks for clarifying, momly. (whew) Yes, Bush is very touchy-feely in this photo, and I'd like to think there is good in everyone, but I just don't know whether that kernel of goodness is apparent in this photo or whether it's just a pic of a party boy having a good time. I don't think 9/11 changed Bush any more than it changed anyone else, although I do think the presidency changed him. Frankly, after all this time, I haven't learned a single detail about Bush that redeems him or reveals his (hidden) humanity; I think his own kernel of goodness must have withered and died from neglect long before this photo.

Momly: "He looks very relaxed and engaged with this person and she seems delighted that he is enjoying himself. Usually, when I see W interacting or touching someone in a photo op, I squirm for that person. Not so, here. This seems genuine and warm and slightly goofy."

Usually I find a lot of insight in your comments and much to agree with, but I have a different reaction to this one. Unless by slightly goofy you mean "goofy" in the Will Ferrell style of goofy, comedy as physical dominance.

Bush is standing with his weight on the left leg next to the child and the right foot is extended, so his body curves in and his thigh connects with the child's waist and thigh. In the first picture the girl looks like she is struggling, just a little, but after that she is subdued

Maybe that is how people show personal warmth in Texas, but here in Minnesota that would be a little too close for comfort. For a picture like this, we would stand with our weight on the outer leg which would make our body curve and touch at the shoulder. Hip & thigh would be free. You'd see air there.

This is not to say that GWB doesn't have personal warmth, feelings of compassion & a desire to do well by people. What I see in these pictures, however, is an early example of the photo-op and hints of Bush's physical assertiveness.

There's no reason one can't be pro-immigration AND pro-union. The real issue is the same whether it's paying a fair wage or having a fair immigration process. How to treat people fairly, instead of having them be abused for the advantage of the wealthy.

Great commentary today. It's a rare occasion to 'see' all points, equally.

Since reading PTate's, though, I've slipped into the uncomfort zone. Perhaps Bush's Frat Boy muscle memory is slow to fade. Perhaps he grabs his daughters, their friends, and his white-haired mother this way. All I know is that when you are a young woman -- a girl, really -- and an older man puts his arm around you, and then his leg--hip--torso against you, and keeps them there, it feels as wrong as it looks.

Re comments by momly and RTBAG......just as patients in a mental ward can occasionally show moments of startling lucidity, so W can probably show moments of what passes for empathy. 911 didn't change him so much as redirect his handlers. Consider the episodes from his college days of true sadism towards others (the cigaret burns). Consider his preoccupation with birthdays during NOLA's destruction. Consider the evidence now coming out about involvement in the Mid-east well before even being sworn in after his appointment. Consider that when these photos were taken, his political survival depended upon a large number of Latinos.

It looks to me like the woman in the photos is an adult; and I think she looks a little off-kilter and ill at ease. W is holding her just a little too closely for her comfort and for the comfort of the viewer: "I REALLY like Latinas." And are his pants too tight or is that an early version of the codpiece?

There's a saying in Hollywood that applies even more to politics......Sincerity is everything; once you can fake that, you've got it made.

this is more fun to watch than baseball

You know, I went and watched about a minute of that MM video you linked to and I think she just endorsed a minimum wage increase... "never mind that there are law-abiding americans willing to do those jobs, AT THE RIGHT WAGE." (my emphasis)

Yup, Cactus, I think that's it. Maybe I was simply seeing a startling moment of lucidity! HA! That makes me giggle.

Maybe I'm getting tired of the fight because I only wish it were possible to see this more often... *S-I-I-I-I-I-G-H.*

I'm with those who think Bush is vise-gripping a girl (preadolscent or adolescent) — rather than an adult — because of the way she is shaped. She just doesn't look mature yet. Additional clues are what liberties he feels he's entitled to take with her (she's just a girl, after all, who has no right to object or claim some private space for herself): grabbing her too tightly and holding her against him (his fingers are *so close* yet so far away), forcing her to stay there (against her will, it seems), waving the flag like a moron until she looks, leaning his head in too close. She's smiling because she doesn't know what to do. She knows not to look at him, however, so as not to encourage him. She wants to lift her arm to get him off of her.

Are we having fun yet?

It's a creepy picture. If that were my sister, I'd be like YO, what is up what that pervy old man, I'm kicking his ASS!

I am the biggest Anti-Bush person you will ever find but .... that does not look like George Bush in that photo.

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