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Jul 31, 2006

Special (Photo) Ops


If you've been following the wires, the tactic of surrounding Bush with service men and women has reached almost manic proportions.  It's one thing to put Dubya on a chow line, but this shot -- taken yesterday during a "visit" with the US Coast Guard in Miami -- hardly pretends to be incidental.


Let's line up those war props -- uh, I mean crewmen -- then have the commander-in-cheese do a runway walk down the broom-swept dock doing his old "smoke 'em out of their holes" strut.  Shoot it from a low vantage so that Everyman -- with the rolled-up shirtsleeves -- looks as big as the ship.  Make him perfectly centered with the bridge and lined-up with the vertical red stripe to connote the utmost symmetry (cognitively contradicting the fact that absolutely nothing lines up anymore).  Have him move left-to-right, as if he's always transitioning from the past, yet always  (only) halfway.

But next time, kill that self-conscious business with the lips.  It clashes with the upward (optimistic), far-off (has the "vision thing") look.

(...Oops, and there is an American flag.  It's in the insignia -- close to the real power!)

(revised for clarity: 7:20 am 8/1/06)

(image : Paul J. Richards/AFP - July 31, 2006.  Via YahooNews.)


Wow, does this take me back... I lived on a ship like that one (well, bigger) for two years (before the Coast Guard became a tool of "Homeland Security"), so I automatically identify with the guys lined up on deck. They've probably worked day and night the past few weeks to clean the ship and give it a new coat of paint, and now they've got to stand there in the sun as props for as long as it takes Bush to give a speech and sign autographs and schmooze... and finally walk off with that "purposeful stride".

It's been a while, so maybe I've forgotten, but I don't ever remember hanging all the nautical flags like that. Colorful and photogenic to add to the background, I guess.

I can't stand to look at this idiot any more. His level of incompetence has reached criminal proportions in the Middle East, and he spends his time in photo ops. It is two weeks past the time he should have taken Israel by the nostrils, told them they wouldn't get one more replacement screw for their jet planes and tanks, nor would they get a single dollar of the billions we give them every year, unless they stopped bombing Lebanon, and quit harrassing people in Gaza.

He continues the US custom of responding to ME problems by doing the same thing, and expecting different results: the definition of stupidity. He won't even lower himself to speak with potential troublemakers (Syria, Iran) who are on the edge of throwing the whole region into all-out war.

He has no interest in, or knowledge of history, including the proven losing strategy of trying to fight a guerrilla war with conventional troops and WWII tactics. He has no understanding that the governments in the ME are not responsive to their people, making everybody who tries to get a representative government for themselves into "terrorists".

The US could with one stroke draw the boundaries of Israel, define territory for a Palestinian state, pressure governments in ME to modernize and represent their people, thus averting terrorist build-up of frustrated people, and recognize the difference between citizens wishing to have representative government (our "friends") and those wishing to impose a religious government on everybody (our "enemies").

This is an ignorant, frightened, stupid man and a disgrace to humanity. When he comes on TV, I actually feel nauseated.

Bush is tieless and has his sleeves rolled up; I guess that's supposed to show that he's "workin' hard." As Bag notes, Bush isn't even bothering to make eye contact with the Coast Guard personnel who, as Ummabdulla points out, probably spent hours working to get ready for his photo-op. But isn't his sloppy attire a slap in the face to the citizens that (unlike him) really do work hard to protect our country? This shows the true underlying contempt that the Administration has towards ordinary working people. At this time last year, he'd just started his extended vacation at his ranch and was hiding from Cindy Sheehan. You can be sure Rove and Bolton are making sure they don't make the same mistake with him this time around. Expect more of these empty photo-ops until his advisors decide its politically feasible for him to slink off to Crawford.

Another photo that could be painted as a propaganda poster. To tha T.

Oh, and: I hate this sneering, disgusting, lying sack of shit.

Sorry. I do feel a little better, tho. Just a tad.

I agree with everyone on this photo op 100 percent. I was actually posting to say a hearfelt THANK YOU to itwasntme. Just knowing there is at least someone else who feels the same way my wife and I do about this guy made my day! I live in Georgia and I swear sometimes I feel like I am in a parallel universe to most people here who think things are just dandy and Bush is a great guy fighting the good fight with the rest of the liberal world.

Truly - THANK YOU itwasntme for making my day!!

Mark, I grew up in Georgia and I and my family know exactly how you feel! Whenever I visit the folks we rant about how isolating it is to be the only sane people in a sea of mindless drones who never question our current administration. Painful, indeed.






And yet many people belive. Because it easier that way.

39% of Merkins love this photo!

the only pictures that you should show us are the ones of
Isramerika destroying lives in Lebanon.
and a very respectfull silence.

As I read the first couple of comments, I was thinking of Cindy Sheehan and the part she played in the current "movement," if one can call it that. In her stubborn grief, she just stood there in the Texas heat and shamed the leader of the free world. And gradually, people started watching and then becoming furious at her treatment by the press and the administration. They started speaking out. Some said, like Mark Denney, I didn't know others were thinking like me. And to cheer you up a bit, I am now getting emails by Greg Palast forwarded to me by my 85 year old, WWII vet, cousin in Tennessee. Minds are being changed.

And this year, when Gdub slinks off to Crawford, Cindy will be there as his neighbor; she just bought some land next to his "ranch."

Note the carpet/matting laid down so His Highness Little Lord Fraudleroy's precious paws never have to touch anything so uncouth as bare dock.

Sorry Chimp, but posing before an endless sequence of police and military uniforms doesn't make you look 'resolute' to anyone but the most gullible mouth-breathers, it just reminds us what an undisciplined and underperforming overindulged, overprivileged fratboy loser you are.

That no carpet, that a loading ramp. nearly a foot off the ground. I guess the camera was not supposed to capture that. Like it was not supposed to capture Mel boozing it up with the girls in Malibu. I understand Mel carousing. One is funny, the other is tragic, but these days, I can't tell the difference.

US Navy Signal Flags not included in the background.
Bravo, Delta, Foxtrot, Oscar, Uniform, Whiskey.
Retired sailor ummabdulla, gets to pick first, for the land lovers its off to:

Behind Karl's back I would fly, Bravo Foxtrot and Oscar


What the heck does that mean!?!?

All politicians do it. I am confident that even old George Washington did it... Certainly Jimmy Carter and Billy boy Clinton did it too.... Nothing new here... Was it staged for maximum effect? YOU BET! So what else is new with the world.


There staging and there is crockery. The man should stop using soldiers and connon fodder and stage props. At least George Washignton had his war and quit the Army when he was over. Old King George here only wants more, more power, more uniforms and more cod pieces.....

You may have missed one thing. Raphael says that's a loading ramp Georgie is striding along.

A ramp laid parallel to the ship: it's only purpose in that position would be to raise Georgie up two or more feet, to avoid him looking small beside the ship.

He's probably only 5'10" or so. Photos constantly place him between the shortest people available, whether Asian Heads of State or the tinyest female soldiers in Iraq.

U.S. male average height is 5'10", but Georgie has to claim 6 feet. Compare him to Jeb, and then to the much shorter men he hires, like Abu Graib Gonsalvez.

You can tell by the sliding mechanis piece seen in the lower right corner. That a extension lock (very similar to those found in those folding extending ladders). You call also see it has been well treaded. Probably belongs to the same ship he strinding in front off.

Bush is looking more like Stalin, Mao T'sung, Mussolini, Hilter, and Hussein in his photos. Pretty soon
every one will have a giant Poster of Bush's headshot in their hall ways.

The luster has worn off these type of pictures of Bush. A few would have gone a long way. He needs some new ad men to dream up something besides looking like a pre-WW1 rulers running around wrapped in a flag or uniform.

I think President Bush is doing wonderful in office. He's not a pussy. I hate how the average man or woman thinks they know what's really going on in this world. Most have never been outside of the Americas, yet they honestly believe they know more about how to run a government than the professionals. You may feel they're corrupt or dishonest, and they may be, but you are directly responsible for them being in office. I hate the religious right just as much as I hate the bleeding heart liberals. I have one goal in life and that's to do whatever it takes to keep the United States as a superpower. Personally I can't wait for the next terrorist attack on American soil. Then you will get a taste of what it is like for Israel on an almost daily basis. You can call Bush a fascist or whatever you'd like but we all know that Bush is on our side of this war. My fellow soldiers have died in Iraq, yes even heroes fall, and I still see the importance of us removing fear from the world by killing terrorists one at a time.

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