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Apr 27, 2007

Democratic Debate: Take Your Pic


Image of the night ... and winner of last night's Presidential Debate?

Taskmaster Brian Williams and the MSM, of course.  Williams needed some fresh exposure to put a little distance between himself and the Virginia Tech fall-out.  The MSM scored by putting the candidates in their place.

With the omnipresent Williams displaying an impressive pomposity ("Well, Brian..." were the first words out of Hillary's mouth), what we had last night looked less like a debate -- don't people debate in debates? -- than a combination spelling bee and dog show.

Debate? Get real.  How about "Serial Press Conference" -- with Williams having "all you can eat."

Okay candidates, by a show of hands, how many of you enjoy answering questions by a show of hands?  ...The night wasn't a total loss, however.  At least we got to the bottom of the Edwards haircut.

The best critique of the event came in a line from Biden.  At the top of the show, speaking to the Iraq debate, but in a reference that seemed as much to capture and address the staging and atmosphere of the evening, the Senator began: "This is not a game show."

Wanna bet?

(image: J. Scott Applewhite/A.P. Orangeburg, S.C. April 26, 2007. via YahooNews)


"...a combination spelling bee and dog show."

Best description I've seen of it yet! I kept waiting for the "debate" part to begin. And waiting, and waiting ...

The show was a pretty good smell test of the G8. Some stunk, a few were above average, and one was extremely impressive! (Guess which one?). _____wrong. It was not Hildabeast.

BTW - If you were surprised or dissapointed by the format, you were expecting to make hay out of horse manure.

I vote we get rid of "moderators" and just let the candidates talk/argue/whatever with each other. This format was ridiculous.

post-modern Americans don't want good leaders, they want good performers. Few actually have faith left in the empty House that is the reality of "the government", truly EmpTeeVee.

Most folks recognize the con; that is, we aren't a considerate electorate, we are CANDIDATE -R- US = BRAND illusion SELF consumers: "I am My Position on This Issue"...

...note (as the Christians, Feminists, Blacks, BLOCS have begun to do) that the last thing the politician / performers want to do, is to resolve those issues = BRAND identifiers. That would be inconsiderate; things would become chaos.

People want good performers because, even though they know they are being, they don't want to feel they have been conned. At least, leave us with some shred of our dignity intact, they are saying. Give us that; we'll give you this, thus.

The worst actor is Kucinich, oui? He is utterly naked, defenseless; He shatters our illusions; He is entirely un-electable, thus: the only way for us to deal not with him, but the way he makes us feel about ourselves ~ is to make him out to be some sort of "Court Jester" character: then ridicule is permissible; to shun him isn't inconsideration.

The best actor is Obama-Brand. Oh, we all want to be like him! suave; surely, desirable.

That's probably (one of) the problems with Hillary-Brand: “if i were a woman,” he says to himself, in a private whisper, would i want to be a woman like her ?

We may look at them, but we're talking about ourselves ;-)

I did not like the format of non-sequiture questions, different ones for each candidate: like a press conference. Very arrogant of the "moderator." It made me want the depth of debate of the Douglas-Lincoln debates....hours long and detailed.

It's all so artificial. The "concerned" expressions of the candidates, trying to look solemn and Presidential is very embarrassing to watch. When a President has to make a decision about dangerous things, he doesn't do it in front of millions of people; he does it in private, and then shares it with those in his immediate circle who can put his decision into effect. The tv appearance analogy to being able to"make tough decisions" simply doesn't fit the reality of the process in the white house. Some Presidents have been meditative, some aggressive, some bellicose, some just plain "stoopid." We only know, after the fact.

I never got to see the debate, lacking as I do, the ability to watch MSNBC. The photographs of the event, seem to me to be less of a debate and more like a Chuck Barris game show!

Brian looks like he's slowly being inflated through the valve in his foot.

I was uncomfortable with Brian Williams' questioning while watching the "debate," but I was furious after reading Bob Somerby's deconstruction at

The gotcha nature of the hedge fund question to Edwards, the demeaning nature of the show of hands approach--just seemed off.

The actual questions, however, are much worse when seen on the printed page (or screen) than when delivered in Williams' smooth, seemingly sincere style.

Since reading the actual questions and Somerby's analysis, along with his suggestions for what could have been decent, unbiased questions, I am swearing off NBC Evening News.

Besides, I keep thinking he could use some Botox to relax that vertical furrow between his eyebrows. Gives me a headache.

Oh, and he told Vanity Fair(?) that Brit Hume was his BFF. And he listens to Limbaugh in the office and in his car.

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