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Jul 20, 2008

The "Gilly"

The-Gilly-1I just want to say how honored and proud I am to have been awarded the first Gilliard Grant of Merit for Excellence in Journalism and News Blogging this morning at Netroots Nation.

For my readers who aren't familiar with Steve Gilliard, he was both a pioneer of the progressive blogosphere as well as someone who dedicated himself to encouraging new and emerging bloggers in a true "lift all boats" spirit.  It's not that I haven't been putting in blogger's hours just like we all do, through rain and day jobs and dark of night (particularly, dark of night), breaking down media bias and right-wing spin through through this visual approach of mine.  I also can't say I've held anything back in terms of bringing the highest quality original photojournalism to the 'sphere, while laying the groundwork for more.

Given the Gilliard mantle, however, I feel I need to and want to reach higher now, to match this accolade.

Thank you so much to The Group News blog, and especially Jesse, Lower Manhattanite, The Littlest Gator, Sara Robinson, Maggie, Terri, and especially, Hubris Sonic, for a perfect day.  And while I'm at it, I also owe a large hat tip to Jeffrey Feldman for having me on the framing panel.  Besides being one of the progressive movement's leading thinkers when it comes to political rhetoric, he's an excellent moderator, and it was a great kick both delivering my "ObamaPhobia" presentation (which I'm hoping to reproduce for The BAG) as well as working alongside the great David Neiwert and Andrea Batista Schlesinger.

And now, because I know Steve is watching (and, it's dark of night), I've got to get back to work.

(image:  Lower Manhattanite/The Group News Blog)


Congratulations on a well deserved award.


A first-class award for a first-class blog. Thank you very much for what you're doing.

Congrats! You have a truly unique approach with this blog, and it must be nice to be recognized. Keep up the excellent work.

Hey, Wow, man! An award for news photography criticism! Now THAT's something.

Congrats for starting up this blog and letting us in! And thanks, too.

Again, from below, congratulations on your Gilly, Michael. Well deserved, and a worthy honor.

I imagine Steve would have a LOT to say during this campaign season! I miss his acerbic wit and his passionate voice. A lot.

Go Bagman!! Congrats.

Good on ya, Mike!

I've been praising your work for a long time. Glad to see I'm not alone.


Congratulations! you deserve it. it's a great blog.

Good on ya, BAG.

Congratulations -- you seem most deserving to me!


A great award for a deserving recipient. Congratulations.

Stumbled across your blog about 6 months ago, it was novel and instructive then and now, and has been on my must read list. I am gratified to learn that the awards committee at Neetroots Nations thought so as well...

But hey mon, the first Gillard Grant award?!!!... Got the the roof top and tell the world. I will, for it is deserved,

I found your blog through a recommend on Digby's and I try to visit several times a week.
I love the pics you find, but your analysis goes so much deeper into a photo in ways I never think of.
Congratulations, you deserve the award!!

How great that Steve Gilliards spirit lives on with this award, he was the first political blog i ever got hooked on, what a great man.

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