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Sep 03, 2008

RNC Wednesday Wrap-Up: 9/11, 9/11

Rudy Rnc08

My twitter at 7:27 pm PST:    Mega-screen behind Rudy has mega-view of lower Manhattan. I didn't look for the Trade Towers, did you?  Five minutes later:  Prolonged mega-screen isolation shot on lower Manhattan as Rudy starts harping on 9/11.

More to follow....

(image: Reuters Pictures.  caption: Former Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani speaks at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, September 3, 2008)


these Mega-Screen shots make the speakers look really....tiny. Trivial. Did they realize this?

Especially here, with Rudy just a little pink bald dome in the middle of all that water.

Palin in front of Mt. Rushmore isn't quite so bad, but even so...the giant screen really diminishes the speakers.

stephanapolous pointed out that during the closeups of Guilianni's speech, the dark water moving behind him made him look like he was in 'purgatory' or a dark basement.

Stephanopoulos would know, wouldn't he?

The background is really bad on various levels: not only does it make the speakers seem small and insignificant, it was also put there as a conscious attempt to make themselves look larger than life and almost god-like. There really isn't any redeeming quality about it.

No, I didn't look for the towers either.

Talking about global warming right behind you...

I never much cared for the WTC as buildings. I always found them blocky and uninspiring. But, now that they're gone, I miss how they anchored the skyline and created a landscape that was clearly Lower Manhattan. Now, it looks like any old city. You have to get shots of Midtown, with the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building to recognize the skyline as New York City. I miss the distinctiveness they brought.

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