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Sep 04, 2008

The Right To Be Here


Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty blamed the violence this week on a small group of "anarchists, nihilists, and goofballs who want to break stuff and hurt people."

"They need to be dealt with," Pawlenty said in an interview with WCCO-AM of Minneapolis. (via

This is a pic and an accompanying write-up posted anonymously at Twin Cities Indymedia I wanted to pass along.

Notice the horses are wearing those riot masks too.  Robo horses.  I don't remember seeing that before.  The blue line looks pretty deep on this narrow, otherwise two-way path along what must be quite a scenic view.  And then, there is something ironic to those 13 or so teeny-tiny American flags.

The post is titled: "The Right To Be Here," and it begins:

I'm not an anarchist. At least I wasn't one of the kids running around the Xcel Energy Center in black handkerchiefs during the St Paul RNC. Nor did I store my urine in a bucket for a week to throw on delegates, and I didn't break any windows either. But, I was one of the people detained by police on Monday. One of my co-workers even saw me on the Channel 11 news, zip-tied like a hog, being led away walking backwards by two riot police.  (Full text.)

(image: anonymous)


This is what we should expect from the folks who want us to see community organizing as a threat.

The plexiglass shields masking the horsie's eyes reveals a stunning depth of preparation and attention to detail from the M/SP riot control establishment. Bet they had to train and practice a lot to get the animals on board with that innovation. No wonder there wasn't enough time to inspect bridges up there.

The lawsuits of the illegally detained should be fun. Maybe there needs to be a class action suit filed against the RNC.

Although I suppose that would take a "community organizer" or some such.

I have hundreds of photos similar to this. The Seattle Police Department uniforms themselves and their horses in this same "robocop" manner. And as in St Paul, they target anyone with a camera for arrest and harassment. They also love to use for crowd control the "less lethal weapons" so popular in Minnesota this past week: pepper spray, projectiles, flash grenades, etc. This is the face of fascism! The American people don't care. They have been bought off with electronic trinkets.

In our so-called Democracy the police have been militarized. One yahoo (perhaps a police provocateur?) breaks a window and the media adopts the anarchists theme for it's coverage, never pausing to ask whether this type of police behavior is appropriate in a Democracy.


after the WTO police riots of Nov. 1999 the city of Seattle ended up paying out a couple million dollars in individual and class action judgments and settlements. And I can tell you from personal experience the behavior of the Seattle Police toward street demonstrators is much more violent now. They turn to using pepper spray at the slightest "provocation."

The game's afoot : weaponized horsehockey

The only thing I saw about the protests at the RNC was generalizing all of them as anarchists.
I also read an article online that said the RNC agreed to pay the first $10 million of any lawsuits against the police for brutality or anything coming from the protests..

Home State GOP Voter: How was the RNC?

GOP Delegate: It was AWESOME!

Voter: Really... tell me all about it.

Delegate: There were these lefties, communists, anarchists and feminazi's, protesting right in front of my hotel. And the Police, they were on site to secure law and order, know what I mean, well they go wading in and arrest a couple hundred of them. It was great, but my Brooks Bros. blazer smells like mace now. I think I am going to send the city the cleaning bill. Civil Servants... don't they train these people?

Voter: Yeah, thats big Government for you.

Where's Kurbrick when you need him?

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