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Oct 20, 2008

"I Feel Strongly About This Particular Point Because Of A Picture I Saw In A Magazine"


This is the image that crystallized, in Colin Powell's mind, how the GOP has completely gone off the tracks in polarizing this country. 

Think what you will of Powell himself, his reference to this photograph as a statement of inclusion and as a rebuttal to the hate being spread by his friend John McCain and Sarah Palin serves as just one more endorsement for America's return to sanity (as well as the power of visual politics). 

PDN has backstory.

Powell MTP interview: video + transcript (photo comments, p.2)

(h/t: Niel)

(image: Platon.  New Yorker Magazine.  September 29, 2008)


It's liberals who have polarized the country. Remember it's Islama-fascist who want to enslave us. They are aided and abetted by liberals (Democrats). The liberals are the ones who preach victimization, not Republicans.

Powell is a joke. He was a terrible Secretary of State. If Powell was duped by Bush (as all liberals contend), then why should we trust his opinion on Obama? Remember Obama is the "greatest orator of our time." He is the "greatest debater ever." He is also "smarter than everyone." So it would be quite a simple task for Obama to dupe Powell.

It's either racism on Powell's part, or he was duped. It's possible he may just be wanting to get back at Bush, however I never believed Powell to be that petty.

NOTE: I never capitalize "liberal" when referring the Democrats, as they are not Liberals, liberal; usually with my money.

"It's liberals who have polarized the country."

How the hell did we do that? We're pussies, remember.

Mark, that's "Islamo-fascist". The "Islama-fascist" are the women. Well, "Islama-fascists" would be. "Islama-fascist" would be ONE woman, Muslim, fascist. Who wants to enslave us. Because she needs somebody to hold up her burqa, or something.

I can see the former United States, in twenty years, all enslaved by the Islama-fascist and holding up her burqa. A burqa the size of Texas! And there we all will be, holding it up, day after day, as she goes around and does her shopping at the market and visits friends. Until THAT DAY... the day when she realizes that there are THREE HUNDRED MILLION AMERICANS UNDER HER BURQA! And dies of outraged modesty.

Please. Anyone reading this. Watch this interview from Michelle Bachman. She's the incumbent House of Representative from MN. Soak it all in here.

And then donate money here:

Mark, "Remember it's Islama-fascist who want to enslave us."

This term has a catchy sound and a captivating simplicity but its not making much traction in the historical lexicon. I might find some agreement with your opinions of Obama or Powell but since I am unable to agree with your description of "the enemy" I won't waste your time with them.

"....what we see at the moment is an attempt to interpret our present predicament in a rather caricatured World War II idiom. I mean, "Islamofascism" illustrates the point well, because it's a completely misleading concept. In fact, there's virtually no overlap between the ideology of al Qaeda and fascism. It's just a way of making us feel that we're the "greatest generation" fighting another World War, like the war our fathers and grandfathers fought. You're translating a crisis symbolized by 9/11 into a sort of pseudo World War II. So, 9/11 becomes Pearl Harbor and then you go after the bad guys who are the fascists, and if you don't support us, then you must be an appeaser.
- Niall Ferguson

I have been stewing about the "Obama is a Muslim rumor" for a long long time. It pops up everywhere, especially among working class voters who have a hard time distinguishing between Muslims, Arabs, Iranians, Al Quiada and all the other boogey men that the Republicans have been waving in our faces for the past seven years. John McCain's correction of the woman who thought Obama was an Arab was most telling- "no Ma'am, he's a decent family man". Colin Powell hit the nail on the head and had the guts to stand up in front of America and state that what his party had been doing was un-American and that it was time to stop the divisive racist type of campaign that has been poisoning our political culture for the past eight years.

Mark wrote: "It's possible he may just be wanting to get back at Bush, however I never believed Powell to be that petty."

And immediately after that, he wrote: "I never capitalize "liberal" when referring the Democrats"

Am I alone in finding that funny?

That's a beautiful photo in such a tragic way. A woman's beloved son fights and dies for his country, only to have racist a-holes be totally inappreciative and insensitive, and wallow in their ignorance, and spread it like cancer at every opportunity. It is this destructive group that never 'got' the idea of what America is supposed to be about, and they disrespect and distract everyone with false arguments and lies.

Powell also said what needed to be heard: anyone, including a 7 year old Muslim-American kid should be able to grow up and be President if he or she is qualified - but that's the last thing haters want to hear.

Actor Ben Afflect on Bill Maher's last show did too; see this --> YouTube video.

Bravo for them.

There is a quiet compelling eloquence in that image. The words, like a poem carved in stone, tell us important facts about Cpl Khan. They are mostly military words and they're important because Cpl Khan died a soldier's death.

Cpl Khan's mother has buried her son and is using the stone marker to help touch her son's memories. It looks like she's found a place of peace, something I can't imagine in those circumstances and something I'm thankful I haven't been forced to face.

This is loss.

The toxic comments by Mark are an offense against this mother's loss. Mark, how dare you sully her son's sacrifice by your vile words/

I usually get angry about comments such as the ones Mark made in the first post above. But I'd like to reflect on how sad it must be to inhabit such a flat, hollow, insular and flint-edged world. The merest hint of goodness, or charity, or even those idealistic and naive words "truth" and "beauty" must immediately be ridiculed. Enemies abound in this world, and all are suspect. Civility is weakness, the recognition of a common humanity is anathema. One must never blink in Mark's world.

Corporal Khan's mother has found solace in this stone. Mark is still striking his blade against the headstone, hoping to light a destructive fire...

Congratulations, BAG, on attracting an idiot troll!

The actions of this brave soldier speak louder than the hate and divisiveness Mark represents, ever can.

Truth is something to be feared and oppressed, to those who lack the security needed to embrace the unfamiliar.

The "Liberal threat" won't seem so threatening when it proves itself as beneficial to all. This is what Republicans fear most - becoming obsolete by an inclusive approach which embraces the unfamiliar.

In this way, Liberals are terrorists - Republicans are terrified their party will be revealed for the destructive force it is.

A heartbreaking picture. I know a few guys serving in Afghanstan, and based on what they've written to me, I'd bet Cpl. Khan was more accepted by his fellow soldiers over there than he ever was back in this country...

Quick note to jtfromBC: don't necessarily trust Ferguson on anything. He's no longer a real historian; now he's a media-chaser. His book "Empire" was an irresponsible piece of crap... glorifying British imperialism, and ending with a call for America to embrace empire and take up the "burden".
Now that the winds have changed, Ferguson's trying to backtrack... but that's desperate revisionism, not acuity.

That anyone, Mark ~ be they a christian, jew, or muslim should come here and piss on the image of a fallen soldier's grave, for the reason, apparent that he did not speak to his God in the same way that you speak to yours, stains everyone in the eyes of our one Almighty. As an American veteran I can assure you, Mark ~ that there is a special place in Hell reserved for sick f*cks like you ~ and in the five minutes it took for you to relieve yourself here you succeded only in getting that irredeemable ticket from the Lord for our universal condemnation and His eternal damnation.

For God's sake, Michael, scrub all the comments from this thread-space and let this poor boy and his grieving mother Rest In Peace, for this is now become a sacred place; We pray : forgive him, Father, for he knows not what he has done.

thanks ~ d ~ I agree with your evaluation of Ferguson's work, it was his succinct description of good guys vs bad guys - lets get em - WW II lingo that was worth recalling...
I don't expect Mark or other Gung Ho chaps would give Ferguson's idea much of a thought...

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