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Oct 13, 2008

Racist Rally Strategy Rolls On

Anti-Obama SignsSo, McCain took the high road today in his speech in Virginia, right?  Well, you wouldn't know it from these signs. (In contrast, did you catch how Obama dealt with the boo birds today in reaction to the crowd response to McCain's name?)

You could say the McCain camp shifted gears, but you could argue, as well, the racial attacks didn't get any uglier than this simply because McCain's appearance today lacked a townhall component.  These folks just don't get it, do they?  (And yes, I'm talking about McCain and Palin, who could shut this stuff down completely if the really wanted to.)

Update 9:29 PST:  In light of Jeffrey Feldman's piece yesterday at HuffPost -- and the shocking news from TIME that McCain's Virginia canvassers are being specifically trained to link Obama to terrorists and to Osama bin Ladin, this newswire photo from today's Virginia rally, far from innocent, is actually more like evidence. 

Just look at the uniformity of these signs and the look of intent of those holding them.  It would bear more investigation as to who these people are, but taking into consideration the photo accompanying the TIME story showing freshly painted blue-and-red lettered signs outside McCain's headquarters in Virginia (where Mr. Caffeine spent the morning, by the way), this demonstration -- and the perpetuation of last week's racist hate campaign at McCain rallies -- looks like an inside job.

(image: Chip SomodevillaAFP/Getty Images. October 13, 2008.  Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia)


Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight.

McCain's speech, coming to a close as above, sounds much like Sen Biden's close yesterday in Scranton, when he urged repeatedly and vehemently, "Get up!" That is, if you've fallen.

The number of times that these candidates use similar expressions, even identical words and phrases, is quite astounding.

Well, Books Alive, there's all this: "Get up. Stand up. Get up for your rights..... Get up. Stand up. Don't give up the fight," (Mr. B Marley)

Curious. When I attended a rally for Obama a few weeks ago homemade signs were not permitted into the building. I thought this might be for security reasons. If security was the reason I would think the McCain organizers would also have to follow that rule too. I researched "why no signs?" and found this... very interesting.

Interesting, nightbird. Good catch. So, would that mean the rally in the photo above wasn't tightly scripted, or was it?

But earlier this year Frederick unseated a moderate 71-year-old former lieutenant governor (who also happens to be Jenna Bush's father-in-law) to become head of the Virginia GOP, promising "bold new leadership" for a state party recently on the decline.

From your update, this info on Jeffrey Frederick's background gets right to the source: his "bold new leadership" is really warped. Right along the lines of Andy Martin, and the chorus of wails against ACORN, who are obliged to submit their questionable registrations instead of just tossing them.

Certainly keeps the anti-smear staff busy!

"William Ayers: Funded by Republicans

The Annenbergs-- Republicans. Bankrolled William Ayers with $50 million

But Walter and Leonore weren't just giving money to educational foundations started by William Ayers. They were also giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee and various other Republican groups, as well as to a whole host of Republican candidates, including the following:

George W. Bush $4000
Mitt Romney $5000
Strom Thurmond $1000
Fred Thompson $500
Rick Santorum $3000
Rick Santorum-- former Republican Senator. Received $3000 from Ayers' backers.

Why would billionaire Republican philanthropists give millions of dollars to a program that was working with William Ayers? Why would George W., Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and all those other Republicans accept money from the people who were funding this William Ayers-associated group? Why won't McCain discuss these connections between the Republican Party and Ayers?

Here's the icing on the cake: just yesterday, the McCain campaign put out a press release bragging about the fact that Leonore Annenberg has endorsed him for president. Yes, you heard it-- a McCain backer bankrolled William Ayers with millions of dollars.

More icing: You know that Republican Arnold Weber I mentioned earlier? The one that served on the board of the CAC with Barack? Not only did he work with William Ayers in the 90's, he has also donated at least $1000 to the McCain campaign. That's right-- McCain is accepting money from associates of William Ayers, and so far has not given the money back.

I'm feeling a little cheated. Months ago I was promised an October surprise. It's already October 9th, and all I've heard is that Barack knows a guy who's been working with McCain supporters and Republicans since the mid 90's."


I have been saying this about McCain's town hall meetings and rally's for awhile now. They are full of "plants".

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