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Jan 17, 2010

If You're As Tired As I Am From Watching

...the endlessly loops of video on Saturday of Haitians, in isolated incidents, grapple with each other for food; or reading how total mayhem had broken out; or watching reports harping over-and-over (to the consternation of the locals) about how violence must be just around the corner, this U.N. video is a necessary infusion of reality.

From: unitednations | January 16, 2010 |

Food distribution continued today (16 January) in the devastated Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, four days after a massive earthquake killed thousands, left scores homeless and created a dire humanitarian situation.

In contrast to the chaos witnessed at other points of distribution, this operation handled by Bolivian peacekeepers who were doling out their own food rations appeared to go smoothly.

People waited patiently in long lines for plates of rice and beans, a welcome respite to the high energy biscuits and meals-ready-to-eat distributed elsewhere.

The success of the operation highlighted the need for good security at distribution points, with soldiers on hand to guard the supplies.

The World Food Programme (WFP), meanwhile, is gearing up to distribute ready-to-eat food rations to 2 million people as most people have no access to cooking facilities. In order to help it achieve that goal, the UN food agency is appealing to its donor governments to offer excess stocks of ready-to-eat meals for use in the Haiti emergency. WFP will also try to establish food kitchens in Port-au-Prince to provide prepared foods to the hungry.


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Thank you for posting these few moments of sanity. I am truly weary of the constant melodrama being foisted upon us by the MSM.

It is so obvious that good security makes a big difference in what is able to be accomplished. Solid compassionate security has a stabilizing/calming effect on those who are
fearful and highly stressed. Still, like so many others, I have found myself hoping and praying that solid aid would be able to be brought in and safely distributed on a large scale at least 24 hours ago.
This, despite the obviously huge obstacles and challenges the non-existant infrastructure presented. My head and my heart have battled watch other on this issue.

I am quite convinced, though, that everyone involved in the provision of aid has been and continues to do the very best they can.

Thank you for this excellent post.
It really is the pictures that count, and this is a picture that the msm will avoid. Civility doesn't sell enough soap.

Isn't it wonderful that these servicemen are called "peacekeepers?" We need much more of that.

Thank you. I needed that. I drove to the Rose Bowl last night to donate and talk to the Red Cross workers to find out from them what they have heard. They said the same thing as the UN 'troop' said - they were now feeding people all around the area with helicopters flying into areas that can not handle those trucks.

Like you, I'm sick of the media's use of the word looting. I was reading an interview on the web with some disaster expert academic in which he used a word, something like, acquisition to describe desperate people removing from stores necessities to keep themselves alive. Only the pompous western media would consider that looting or stealing.

It's amazing to me that Americans are still so terrified of scary,scary black people that almost a week after the quake their hospital ships sit empty off the coast, while the Chinese, Icelanders, French, and Venezualeans all traveled much further distances and started work DAYS before the Americans "worked out the security needs of the personnel" (i.e got up the nerve) to enter the country.

Also amazing to me is the ongoing belief that every white American life is worth much, much more than any Haitian life. The empty hospital ship has treated only about half a dozen American "Christian" evangelical misery tourists who were rescued from the poshest hotels, as the military is under orders to make rescues of these people their biggest priority.

Everybody's talking a good game, but the reality is, screw the Haitians. Throw them some boxes out of a helicopter, the same way you would hurl food at dangerous animals, and run away fast.

Americans make me ashamed to be one. Ugh.

tinwoman - Oooh, girl! On point.

My work is in Radiology for a trauma hosp. We have monthly potlucks for our dept, & Friday was it. We watched CNN, flipping to MSNBC & back. There were about 30 of us, a fifth of whom are physicians. The rest are techs: (xray, mri/ct), & couple of staff. We vary fairly broadly politically - NO Rush fans, 'Teabaggers' in this crowd. We discussed the 'looting.' Except for one person who viewed it as stealing,no one had a problem with people breaking into stores or wherever to get food or water. It wasn't viewed as stealing or looting. The parallel was drawn between Haiti & here: In a heartbeat some would trek down to Albertson's, etc., to get what it took.

Interestingly another topic was the mass graves. As I said & there was general consensus, nodding, and mm-hmms, if I were dead I could care less. I recognize that family alive might care & I might 'care' if I were alive & looking for family. However the line from 'Last of the Mohicans' was mentioned: "I will find you. Stay alive. I will find you."

What tinwoman said.

Cubans who wash up on our shores are welcomed with open arms, but Haitians are detained by Immigration and inevitably sent back. We're full up, thank you.

These heartening pictures show the restoration of civil society under the auspices of the U.N.

The UN mission has told several US USAR teams to stand down, that they are not needed.


The preferential treatment afforded Cubans is predicated on one thing - that Cuba allowed the Rooskies to point nukes at us from their island.

Really? Haven't heard that. I'd suppose you have proof of that.

I saw it too in several SE Texas papers.

Tinwoman, you are full of it. The US hospital ship didn't arrive until after you posted this, and they started treating Haitians immediately.

That's true of the US carrier, too, which arrived a few days after the earthquake and immediately started flying water and food to the island, as well as treatinh Haitians.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

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