Oct 28, 2004

Eminem Vs. GDub


Here's Eminem's take on the election. View here.

(source: guerillanewsnetwork)

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Sep 26, 2004

Bush/Satan '04! (Or, three recommendations for the price of one)

video1 video2 video3

I'm usually more judicious in picking out video clips, but I really couldn't decide which of these I liked better.

The first ad, 'Fortunate Son', from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is the first I've seen that (finally!) targets Bush's military record exclusively from the standpoint of privilege.

I like the second piece, "Ten Cuidado Del Nombre (Beware of the Name) Bush" from the New Democratic Network (NDN) for a couple reasons: Obviously, it's interesting to see an ad that is vertically cast for a hispanic audience; I think the tune is infectious (the site provides an MP3 download); and it reminds how the music video format lends a softer edge to a hard edged narrative. As well, it suggests that, with a hispanic audience, there's less pulling of punches.

Finally, I think the Satan piece (satanforbush.com) is very confident. I comb through so much parody, and most of it is either not that funny, or more fatally, not that self assured. On first pass, you would think a Bush endorsement from Satan would be a slam dunk idea. However, the concept is so obvious (given Bush's blind faith), the problem of how to execute it does nothing but raise the bar.

Video Clip One: DNC's Fortunate Son
Windows Media Broadband Dial-up
Real Player Broadband Dial-up

Video Clip Two: NDN's Ten Cuidado Del Nombre (Beware of the Name) Bush
Video page here

Video Three: Satan For Bush
.mov file here

(clip 1 & 2 source: bushout.tv)
(clip 3 source; adrants.com)

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Sep 22, 2004

F*** New York


Yeah, I'm not sure how this clip got away from me. Let me first admit, I'm far from schooled in hip hop. That said, I think this piece by some young white New Yorkers protesting the coming of the Republican convention is unusually sophisticated.

It's not hard, in the course of writing about "the Bush dynamic," to feel like a broken record, elaborating endlessly on the variants of spin and subterfuge. Like that perpetual Groundhog's Day, however, there's no escaping the fact we're living this conundrum. Like foraging for food, the daily parsing of the events of the day from the government's formulation of those events has become nothing more than a basic survival mechanism.

What's great (or at least, smart) about this video is how these pseudo-white hoods "get" the reality trap that Bush/Cheney have subjected us to. At the surface level, these guys present themselves as white boys playing bad ass black gangsters. But it's the level beneath that -- where the association is to Government actors -- where the video really nails it. In showcasing this role playing and misdirection, the video puts the Administration's best tricks right on stage.

View the .mov file here.

View the comments and interview with the creators here.

(source: hiphopmusic.com via anildash)

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Sep 21, 2004

On Why Iraq -- With 17 Large Cement Factories And A Strong Cement Export History -- Is Now Importing The Stuff


Social justice activist Naomi Klein appeared on Democracy Now yesterday to elaborate on her recent article in Harpers Magazine ("Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in Pursuit of a Neocon Utopia."). Describing the "economic front" of the war, she casts light on why so little of the $18.4 billion in redevelopment funds have been allocated in Iraq, and why so little reconstruction has taken place. Her contention is that a privatization agenda effectively disenfranchises Iraqi's from participation in their own economy. (Here's a summary and debate on the article at Internet Infidel's.)

The video segment is almost 26 minutes long. The part with Naomi Klein begins 2:30 into the clip and runs eight minutes. The balance of the clip, by the way, deals with a film that Klein and her husband, Avi Lewis, have just finished called "The Take" about how plant workers in Argentina reclaimed a factory that had worked in that had been shut down in the government economic collapse.

Real Player clip: 128k; 256k

(clip: democracynow.org)

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Sep 13, 2004

Protest 360


For a great "all around" look at the RNC protests, go here.

link source: growabrain

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Aug 30, 2004

One of the Largest Protests Hardly Anybody Ever Saw


Estimates of NYC march range up to 500k.

Photoblog jumping off points: gothamist; rnc moblog; New York Newsday (notice how corporate media plays up mayhem imagery when march was primarily peaceful); indymedia.

(image: matt law)

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Aug 28, 2004

RNC: Banner Week (#2)



image 1: corner of 26th and 5th. (nyc indymedia)
image 2/3: gothamist.com via WNBC news helicopter

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Aug 27, 2004

RNC: The Case for Protest


This video, featuring members of the New York Civil Liberties Union, makes the case for public protest during the convention. It outlines the points of contention between police and specific activist groups; traces policing problems since 9/11; and (in the latter portion) provides a primer for conduct and profiles the major organized protests. I usually don't post pieces this long (about 29 minutes), but it's really well done, and creates a thoughtful context for the drama playing out in NYC.

With the Republican's spinning the demonstrations as unpatriotic and even anarchistic, this piece makes it clear how difficult it has become to exercise the right to protest and why the events this week have such potential for trouble.

Real Player clip here

link source: freespeech.org
more info: new york civil liberties union

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RNC: Banner Week


Of all the events and actions (they used to call them "happenings") taking place in New York, I find the banners drops among the most dramatic.

image: andrew stern
link: nyc indymedia. More here

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Aug 14, 2004

Olympic Coverage: Loose Threads

Here is another well-organized protest effort:

The Clean Clothes Campaign, along with Global Unions and Oxfam, are challenging the International Olympic Committee and sportswear companies to accept responsibility to stop the exploitation of workers producing the sportswear that is marketed through the Olympic Games. Link here.

(The image above is from a "sew in" held August 10th in the center of Athens.)

(image: fairolympics.org)

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Aug 04, 2004

Harmonic Divergence

(From left, Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band, Jackson Browne, Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks, Steven Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen, Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks, Patti Scialfa of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, John Mellencamp, Nick Harmer of Death Cab for Cutie, and R.E.M's Mike Mills.)

The Anti-Bush collective, "Musicians for Change," has announced it is sending over 20 artists to play more than 34 shows in nine swing states in early October. Bruce Springsteen has just been added to the line-up. (For a partial transcript of tonight's Nightline interview between Springsteen and Ted Koppel --"The Boss vs. Bush," go here.)

(photo: AP)
(caption: latimes.com)

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Aug 02, 2004

Will Ferrell "Pasturizes" Bush


If you've been following this blog, you know how rarely I use the term "hilarious."

This parody of a Bush campagn commercial, starring Will Farrell, is featured at whitehousewest.com. This spoof site was created by ACT or Americans Coming Together. ACT claims to be creating the largest voter contact program in history. Operating in 17 key states, the organization is dedicated to canvassing precincts to help defeat President Bush.

To view the video:

Quicktime high speed
Quicktime low speed
Windows high speed
Windows low speed

(link source: cemonitor)

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Jul 26, 2004

Ex-Presidents Run Away With First Night of Boston Speechstakes!


Serving as an unsuspecting stalking horse, former President Carter blew out of the gate this evening, establishing a blistering pace for the favorite, Bill Clinton, in the first race of the Boston DNC Speechstakes.

Firmly in command from the outset, the 39th President used the whip early and often ("We cannot lead if our leaders mislead") to rail against an administration that had turned up worse than lame. Citing unprecedented unilateralist tendencies; deference to the "super rich"; failure to "show up for duty"; and misunderstanding and neglect for the Arab-Israeli conflict, Carter looked stronger than ever, suggesting the race this year was for nothing less than the nation's soul.

Catching up to Carter, the 42nd President exuded less heat than speed, demonstrating a more relaxed style that suggested he was basically riding for Kerry. As he pulled away (Clinton seemed to have a specific pace in mind--one that would deprive broadcast commentators of even one last word), the former champion reminded the crowd of the great talent and tradition of the Democratic stable, one in which "strength and wisdom are not opposing values."

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Boston (Don't Wanna be Teed) Party


What is the price of "Anybody But Bush?"

I am as intent on victory as anyone, but I had a very difficult time reading the NYT story this morning about how the remarks of the convention speakers are being rigidly scripted to enforce uniformity and unanimity.

I am as excited for the convention bloggers as anyone, but it pains me to see them co-opted by the process, and churning out (atypical) mundanities and inanities.

I am as excited about party energy as anyone, but I am disturbed about corporate sponsorship of the conventions , and how nonchalant the party has become about the co-opting and infiltration of our values. (Check out this banner hanging from the Fleet Center in a link that bopnews.com, which is blogging the convention, trivializes with a caption contest.)

What I'm not excited about is the blatant lack of facilitation for dissent. If you've been following the story, the Democratic establishment and the city of Boston have made a mockery of the party's proud tradition of protest by designating the most shabby accommodations for protest.

The image above is a shot of the convention's so-called "Free Speech Zone."

Update: Here are a few more shots of "the cage" from MyDD, which is blogging the convention.

Update#2: David Weinberger of hyperorg.com has some very good shots of the cage. Check at the bottom of this Monday convention photo gallery.

(image: Boston IndyMedia)

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Jul 19, 2004

Walking the Walk


I found this image at the blog American Leftist. There is a larger version with Cheney and Rumsfeld. I haven't seen anyone apply this "perp walk" idea yet. Perhaps because the administration (with the obvious exception of Cheney) has done such a masterful job dissociating from its M.B.A./C.E.O. roots.

(image: americanleftist)

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Jul 14, 2004

Activists vs. Slaqtivists

mex68 shaqkobe

It's funny what will get you mad.

I'm not sure how long this link will remain active (because it wouldn't link gen) but I was really put out by an article (here) in the other morning's NYTimes Sports Section (or, here, at the Duluth News Tribune). In the article, titled "Bryant and O'Neal Don't Know Own Strength," the writer, William C. Rhoden compares Shaq and Kobe to John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

The sprinters, Carlos and Smith, are famous for raising their fists in a black power salute during medal ceremonies at the 1968 Olympics. Bryant and O'Neal are famous for being Bryant and O'Neal. To be fair, you have to know that the writer was just trying to making an analogy between two pairs of relationships. (In the former case, he argues that Carlos was the more prominent figure. In the latter, he says its Kobe.) However, I think it was an incredibly poor choice of an analogy. What could more loaded (especially around election time) then to liken a pair of self-indulgent athletes that tore apart a team for the sake of self interest with two runners who risked their amateur careers to make a historically significant political statement? (It'd be one thing if it came out of Bill Cosby's mouth, but this guy is a trained journalist.)

Here are the last three paragraphs of the article:

At a time of fan disillusionment with the mercenary attitudes of N.B.A. players and owners, Kobe and Shaq could make their version of Carlos and Smith's victory-stand protest by staying together in Los Angeles.

They have wealth, prestige and championship rings. But they will never be as powerful apart as they have been together.

That's a lesson that goes beyond Los Angeles; that's a lesson that can inspire a nation.

In an age where our government would have us express our patriotism by shopping, Mr. Rhoden should either ditch the sports beat for the national desk, or pick his analogies more carefully.

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Jul 03, 2004

May Day! May Day!


While I'm on the subject of collected images, there is a wonderful photo gallery of May Day 2004 protests at the Design Action Collective website. Located in Oakland, California, Design Action provides graphic design services to many grassroots and activist groups including Greenpeace, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and Global Exchange. Ranging from whimsical to severe, these photographs couldn't be more expressive. (An article from Agence France-Presse accompanies the photos.)

Besides a powerful reminder of the deadly gap between the haves/have mores and the have nots, what the gallery highlights to me is the extent to which popular expression, particularly political protest, has lost the attention of the popular press.

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Jul 02, 2004

The Writing is on the Wall ( ...and the Postbox, and the Urinal, and the Smokestack)


As an expression of popular sentiment, the Stop Bush Project couldn't be more straightforward--or democratic. Simply, anyone (worldwide) may post a digital image of a public visual expression reflecting their dissatisfaction with Mr. Bush. (I think there were about four or five more images since I checked the other day.)

image: stopbushproject
link source: growabrain.typepad.com

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Jun 16, 2004

We're Diplomats and Military Commanders, And We Can't Take It Anymore

Today, a coalition of diplomats and military commanders (the DMCC) formally launched a campaign to undo the damage caused by the Bush administration. The group, consisting of 27 (and counting) chiefs of mission and retired four-star military brass called for changes in our foreign policy and defense policy, as well as removal of the current President and his governing team.

For the statement issued today and a list of signatories, click here. The group is just getting a website together (here). More significantly, I urge you to view the video of the news conference held today at the National Press Club. You're not going to find a more expert, thoughtful and sober group of people.

Real Player high speed (here)
Real Player dial up (here)
Windows Media high speed (here)
WindowsMedia dialup (here)

or: National Press Club webcast page

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Jun 12, 2004

Conventional Warfare

The "No RNC Poster Project" is planning to blanket New York this summer with posters protesting the Republican Convention. According to their site, the posters will "...be on the streets, in storefronts and apartment windows, on picket signs, everywhere you - or the invading Republicans - look."

To keep track of, and participate in anti-RNC activities, check out counterconvention.org, RNC Not Welcome and a new blog, RNC Watch.

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Jun 08, 2004

Abu Ghraib R Us

Joe Previtera, a twenty one year old student at Boston College, was arrested Wednesday after dressing as a hooded Iraqi prisoner in front of a military recruitment center on Tremont St. in downtown Boston. Apparently, police weren't amused by the political statement.

Previtera faces misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and felony charges of making a false bomb threat and using a hoax device. According to the IndyMedia story: "The charges apparently reflect the District Attorney's concern that Mr. Previtera might have been mistaken for a terrorist [although] (w)itnesses say that passersby seemed unconcerned by Mr. Previtera's actions."

For more pictures and personal account, click here.

(>>Referral courtesy of guest blogger: Karen, here.)

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May 29, 2004

Art Attack

The following story, entitled "FBI Abducts Artist Steve Kurtz, Seizes Art," was picked up from the Bay Area IndyMedia. Besides his background described below, Kurtz is the author of several books, including "Electronic Civil Disobedience" and "Digital Resistance."


Steve Kurtz is Associate Professor in the Department of Art at the State University of New York's University at Buffalo, and a member of the internationally-acclaimed Critical Art Ensemble.

Kurtz's wife, Hope Kurtz, died in her sleep of cardiac arrest in the early morning hours of May 11. Police arrived, became suspicious of Kurtz's art supplies and called the FBI.

Within hours, FBI agents had "detained" Kurtz as a suspected bioterrorist and cordoned off the entire block around his house. (Kurtz walked away the next day on the advice of a lawyer, his "detention" having proved to be illegal.) Over the next few days, dozens of agents in hazmat suits, from a number of law enforcement agencies, sifted through Kurtz's work, analyzing it on-site and impounding computers, manuscripts, books, equipment, and even his wife's body for further analysis. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Health Department condemned his house as a health risk.

Kurtz, a member of the Critical Art Ensemble, makes art which addresses the politics of biotechnology. "Free Range Grains," CAE's latest project, included a mobile DNA extraction laboratory for testing food products for possible transgenic contamination. It was this equipment which triggered the Kafkaesque chain of events.

FBI field and laboratory tests have shown that Kurtz's equipment was not used for any illegal purpose. In fact, it is not even possible to use this equipment for the production or weaponization of dangerous germs. Furthermore, any person in the US may legally obtain and possess such equipment.

"Today, there is no legal way to stop huge corporations from putting genetically altered material in our food," said Defense Fund spokeswoman Carla Mendes. "Yet owning the equipment required to test for the presence of 'Frankenfood' will get you accused of 'terrorism.' You can be illegally detained by shadowy government agents, lose access to your home, work, and belongings, and find that your recently deceased spouse's body has been taken away for 'analysis.'"

Though Kurtz has finally been able to return to his home and recover his wife's body, the FBI has still not returned any of his equipment, computers or manuscripts, nor given any indication of when they will. The case remains open.

This page at the rtmark website has been set up for donations to his legal defense fund.

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May 25, 2004

Boots On The Ground

Although I was unable to find any photo documentation of today's event (even on IndyMedia!), the American Friends Services Committee reportedly installed their exhibition "Eyes Wide Open: the Human Cost of War in Iraq" today in Washington, D.C. As part of an exhibit that is traveling to 10 cities, the public display features over 800 pairs of combat boots, each lined up in formation with a tag bearing the name of a U.S. soldier who has died in Iraq.

The image above was shot at an installation last January in Chicago's Federal Plaza. That version involved 504 pairs of boots, representing U.S. military casualties to that point.

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May 10, 2004

Giving It Back To Big Brother


As of May 2002, Soho had 59 privately owned surveillance cameras, 7 residential cameras, 2 police cameras and 2 federal cameras.

The abuses that led from the Bush Administration's military intelligence agenda in Iraq (as well as domestic abuses spawned by the Patriot Act) are shedding new light on privacy concerns and the monitoring of innocent citizens. As an activist group concerned with the privacy implications of public surveillance cameras, New York Surveillance Camera Players has been on-line for as long as I can remember. Highly regarded in activist circles, last year their website was a Webby Award runner up in the Net Art category category.

Besides tracking the placement of public surveillance cameras in various cities, the organization is well known for staging plays, readings and even news programs in front of these cameras to highlight their concern. (Here is a news clip in Quicktime that shows the group in action.)

In a companion application, the Institute of Applied Autonomy has created iSee, a web-based application allowing New Yorkers to chart the locations of closed-circuit surveillance cameras. The utility allows you to actually map out routes that avoid these cameras -­which they call "paths of least surveillance."

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May 04, 2004

Going Down Down Under


I was trying to track down what happened to the two guys who got arrested for painting the "No War" sign on the Sydney Opera House right before the Iraq War started.

Apparently, British astronomer Dr Will Saunders, 42, and Australian David Burgess, a 33-year-old environmentalist, were sentenced to nine months of periodic detention as of February 14th (Will in Silverwater Prison in Sydney, and Dave In Tomago near Newcastle). However, it seems there is a further appeal pending for the charge of “Wilfully marking a building with chalk / paint etc.”

In another piece of news, last December the pair won a 2003 WINK award for ‘Best Subversion of the Dominant Paradigm’. The WINK Awards are held in Australia, and are given for "excellence within electronic arts with political overtones."

Will and David were also assessed a fine of $151,000 to compensate the Opera House for damages. Although their supporters say the amount is grossly exaggerated, they have set up a website to raise funds for the clean up, and provide updates on the case. As part of the effort, they have also produced some nice postcards.

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Apr 29, 2004

Enter The Meatrix

In case you we're unaware of the danger of factory farms...


If that's not enough beef for you, also check out our "Conservatives Most Wanted" cartoon targeting the Director of the Agriculture Department.

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Apr 27, 2004

It Ain't Boxes Coming Off The Plane At Dover, But...

As President Bush's desire to suppress pictures of American caskets continues to reverberate, I've been looking for images that provide commentary. Most everything I found was pretty stereotyped. Then I found this one on Rich Manalang's site (originally produced by American Leftist).

It's a mosaic of President Bush made out of the photographs of service people who have died in Iraq. To see the full scale version, go here.


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Apr 25, 2004

Second Skin

Having based their campaign strategy on a quiet transfer of power in Iraq, Rove and Co. have had to make a few adjustments. Showing himself to be a real player, Bush is now gambling on the hope that the public will rally around the Chief if things really deteriorate. With his steady poll numbers of late, there might be something to the strategy.
send this cartoon to a friend!

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Key Iraq City Hanging In The Balance Sheet

In honor of the brave and holy corporations that won those wondrous no-bid contracts in Iraq. May they seek the mother of all ROI in the coming battle of Fallouja!


( Micah Wright's retro posters all like liberal eye candy. That's why I'm happy to provide directions to his books, and his online store).

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The Sloganator Of Unintended Consequences


My friend Susan brought this to my attention. She writes:

Evidently, the Bush/Cheney Web site offered a nifty tool earlier this year--it gave you the chance to generate your own full-size campaign poster, and personalize the slogan for your group, say, the "WheatonCollegeRepublicans." Or at least that's what they HOPED people would use it for. The best part is, that no matter what clever slogan you created, it read, "Paid for by Bush-Cheney 04, Inc." at the bottom. The sloganator suffered some "misuse," strangely enough, and it is no longer available.

To see some of the most creative creations, click here (or the image above) for a "Best of" memorial show, featuring some fantastic campaign slogans. (Note: Site plays music -- and it can get overloaded and may direct you to a mirror site, but it's worth the wait).

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Apr 18, 2004

Potshots At The Gipper


In response to the decision by CBS not to show "The Reagans" on network television, the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) has produced a virtual exhibition of more than 45 posters, produced over two decades, lampooning our former acting President.

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