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Aug 30, 2003

Bush Shows Us The Love


It might not be popularly known, but the President is particularly compassionate toward blacks. Whenever he has a free moment, he likes to help them build houses and go from welfare to work. The Compassion section of the George W. Bush campaign website has 20 images in the picture gallery, including:

1. President Bush is greeted by black children at a YMCA in Dallas where he spoke about health and fitness

2. President Bush talks to black volunteers at a Habitat for Humanity event accompanied by HUD Secretary Mel Martinez

3. President Bush addresses the 2003 National Urban League Conference

5. President Bush says hello to a group of black children during his visit to Botswana

7. President Bush reads to black schoolchildren

8. The President, standing next to black boy, paints an American flag at a July 4th event in Philadelphia

9. President and Mrs. Bush show their support for black workers at an AIDS treatment center in Uganda during their trip to Africa

10. President Bush visits black people at a faith-based welfare reform initiative in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

11. The President and Laura Bush lend black people a hand at a Washington, D.C. soup kitchen during the holidays.

12. President Bush visits with black welfare-to-work graduates in Charlotte, North Carolina.

13. President Bush outlines agenda for alleviating suffering on the African continent standing beside symbol of Africa)

14.President Bush, with black officials, delivers remarks at the signing of his Global HIV/AIDS Initiative

16. President Bush shares a laugh with black women who have made the transition from welfare to work.

17. President Bush helps black man build a home for Habitat for Humanity

18. President Bush promotes community service with black people in Bridgeport, Connecticut

19. On stage with black people, the President visits Chicago to highlight the importance of moving more Americans from welfare to work

20. On stage with whites and many blacks, President Bush outlines his compassionate conservative agenda for America's inner cities in Cleveland, Ohio


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