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Mar 08, 2004

Labeling The Bush Ads

In honor of what the Republican's claim was just a "palate cleanser," we provide nutritional information for President Bush's first 3 television commercials.

The major controversy around the ads centered on their use of 9/11 footage (an event Bush needs to claim for himself, or he can forget about any more dinners at the White House).

To us, however, the most significant thing about the ads are how completely trifling they are. The response from was: No facts to check!

(...Except for the claim that the recession started on Clinton's watch, when the official word is that it didn't start until after the Bush party was seated.)


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It's so true! Bush's TV ads are too much suggar, too little truth.

What "official word" says that the recession started during the Bush administration? Most economists now say that the recession started during the latter years of the Clinton administation. Even the US center of commerce agrees.

We got the satistic from, run by the Annenberg Foundation. Here's the link to the specific story:

Help! there's a small cadre of virilent right-wing foaming-at-the-mouth neocons that run a yahoo group called politicalhacks. It is located at and is supposedly dedicated to free expression, however any and all centrist-to-left leaning diologue is severely beat up. Anybody interested on taking some of these guys on?

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