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Jun 24, 2004

Bush's Monica Moment

Yes, it has been a year since memoryhole posted video documentation of how Bush reacted (or failed to react) to the news of the 9/11 attacks. In what is often referred to as the "first pass of history," however, the country is only now beginning to fit the facts of that day, and the subsequent record of Presidential words versus actions, into more coherent patterns.

As I understand it, one of the scenes in Farenheit 9/11 involves the President continuing to sit through a classroom reading presentation after having been informed of the terror attacks. With the tendency to get caught up in partisanship, it's easy to just toss in Bush's hesitance that morning with the long list of failures over the past three years. If you actually watch the five minute video, however, you can't help but marvel at his inaction. Very few pieces of documentation reveal how profound a gap truly exists between the President's words and his actions.

In a piece today in The Atlantic Online, Jack Beatty weaves elements of the current Clinton tour, Moore's movie release, and the 9/11 Commission's reconstruction of the terror attacks to conceptualize a truer historical and characterological snapshot of Bush's 9/11 morning. Calling the President's lack of reaction Bush's "Monica moment," the author sees Bush's failure to respond and his subsequent covering up as another example of moral failure. In contrast to Clinton, however, Bush's weakness reflects "a fundamental incapacity to execute his job."

Large version:

9/11 classroom video (QuickTime, 12.5 MB) - The Memory Hole

Small version:

9/11 classroom video (QuickTime, 12.5 MB) - The Memory Hole

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Hi all,

I'm the admin, which is mirroring the Bush classroom video -- feel free to drop by the main site ( and check out the rest of the site's content. There's a lot more to it than just this video. :)


Pretty good.

Still as the cops defense attornies demonstrated at the Rodney King trial, you can prove just about anything you want by frame by frame analysis of a video.

USA is over. Despite your fancy weapons, your reputation will _never_ recover. Texas oil, neo-Zionists, whoever put up that idiot, USA is never coming back.
Cant catch the guy who trashed Rockefeller's towers, cant squash a bunch of guys with rpgs in a cemetery. Face it, your party,s over, Dem Repub whatever you want to call it.

>USA is over.

Nice try, my xenophobe-nationalist friend.

Unless you are planning some kind of "solution" to the "American question", the US will be around for some time

Wow! Your Sunday internet was so anti-Bush it made me rethink your memo's I always thought you had pretty balanced agenda but this issue sure changed my mind.M.J.Warhola Tampa, FL.

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