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Jun 29, 2004

Leading Photos: Not Ready for Prime Time?

I couldn't help featuring this image of the new Iraqi leadership. With the surprise, early (one might say "hasty") announcement of the transfer of power, these folks got a lot of play in this morning's papers. However, few images were as unceremonial and disconcerting and this one in the NYTimes.

What kind of underlying inferences do you pull out of this shot? Here are a few I found:

a.) All for one ...and then we'll see

b.) One flag for each Iraq

c.) Robes vs. suits?

d.) Mine! All mine!!

e.) The Bremer Boys Choir

(image: newseum)


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Note they are using the old Iraqi flag, not the new-fangled white/blue/yellow one.

Notice that with the blue backdrop, the Iraqi flags actually appear red, white, and blue.

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