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Jul 03, 2004

May Day! May Day!


While I'm on the subject of collected images, there is a wonderful photo gallery of May Day 2004 protests at the Design Action Collective website. Located in Oakland, California, Design Action provides graphic design services to many grassroots and activist groups including Greenpeace, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and Global Exchange. Ranging from whimsical to severe, these photographs couldn't be more expressive. (An article from Agence France-Presse accompanies the photos.)

Besides a powerful reminder of the deadly gap between the haves/have mores and the have nots, what the gallery highlights to me is the extent to which popular expression, particularly political protest, has lost the attention of the popular press.


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I'm not sure we dissenters have ever actually had the attention of the popular press. I think back to a year ago... we had the largest peace protests EVER in the history of humankind, but almost none of it was covered. We saw more of Janet Jackson's boob than we saw of the peace protests. Tells you something about who's running the press, doesn't it?

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