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Aug 20, 2004

Gearing Up

I'm taking a week off to gear up for the Republican Convention (which I'm expecting to hit pretty hard). In the meantime, I leave you with my takes on some of the best political clips of the summer. While I'm away, I'd be interested in your thoughts regarding:

1. What you thought was the best clip below

2. Which "Official Games of the 43rd Presidency" logo you liked best

3. What suggestions you have for my Republican Convention coverage. I considered repeating the horseracing "speechstakes" theme I used for the Democrats (4th race, 3rd race, 2nd race, 1st race) , but the Repubs probably deserve something darker.








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Hey, you're a worthless dick! Congratulations!

Hey! Dogboy is writing paeans to himself! Meanwhile, my fave clip is Will Ferrell, and all da logoz be equisizzaly fine by me - although Perpetual Shooting and Iraqi Slam Dunk may be inches ahead of the others.

I love the whole concept of tying US's anti-populist games with the olympic games.

My favorite games are:
Perpetual Shooting
Political Protester Judo
Iraqi Liberation : Slam Dunk

Funny as hell! Thanks!

I liked Gunner Palace.

Keep up the good (no, excellent and important) work. Thank you for illuminating the Bushite's efforts to make what is black, white, and what is white, black. There is no lie too big for them. The only problem is that there are so many people who thus far have not put enough energy into thinking. Thank you for giving them something to think about, should they choose to do so.

Thank you. You're encouragement is greatly appreciated.

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