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Oct 06, 2004

WWI In Color


Joerg Colberg's blog has a nice entry tracking down some of the few color photographs from WWI.

Given the ahistorical mindset in the country, as well as the tendency to view war as an abstraction, such documentation can only contribute to the undeniability of "real live" conflict. (Link.)

(image: Stern)


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While I mentioned earlier that art wasn't really my thing, I came across these photos thanks to BAGnewsNotes. This is just one sample. They are color pictures from World War One. More can be seen here and by following BAG's [Read More]


Great find!

For anyone interested in a translation (poor quality) of the captions of these photos, search on the term
Marsch in den Abgrund in Google, then select "Translate this page" (don't use the "I'm feeling lucky" button).

The translations are computer-ragged, but they at least give you some idea of what's going on.

This is a great set of photos. Take a close look at the second one, titled "Elsass 1915 " at the trees, which were denuded of vegitation by all the bullets and shells fired through them.

I suspect, because all the photos are German, that it's an indication that German chemical technology really was ahead of England, France, and the U.S. So it was rumored.

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