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Nov 03, 2004

Reaching Out

Today, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist made an empassioned plea for unity and bipartisanship in the new Senate.

“It is time to heal the partisan divide and begin the process of reconciliation. Beginning last night, I spoke with many of my colleagues – Republican and Democrat – to begin that process. Now is the time for all citizens to lay partisan squabbling aside and work for a safer, healthier, more prosperous America. ...This election is over. Our nation is at war. It’s time to overcome our differences, lay aside the rancor and get to work. The American people expect and deserve no less.”

But first, the Senator had to hop on his plane and do what was billed as a little "victory tour" of the South.

("Hey Jim DeMint, we really delivered the hurt in South Carolina, didn't we!")


("Hey, Richard Burr, we showed whose got the morals in North Carolina, huh!")


("Hey, Johhny Isakson, it'll be a cold day 'you know where' before they see another Democratic senator in Georgia!")


("Hey Mel Martinez, just let me know if you want the key card back for the Florida voting machines!")

"Well, that was a fun trip. ...Now, where was I? Oh yeah, bipartisanship!"


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