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Dec 29, 2004

Parting Shots

I thought I would enter into evidence one last example of the media's distortion of John Kerry.  This shot is from Time Magazine's end-of-the-year issue. 

To summarize my own thoughts, I can't deny that Kerry, at times, is a man of two minds.  For much of the media to have so automatically adopted Karl Rove's over-simplistic caricature of him, however, reflected poorly on the press, and did a disservice to the electorate. 


(image: Diana Walker for TIME)


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Jesus; your country elects a guy with NO fucking brains, over a man capable of envisioning multiple scenarios on complex issues. Freedom's on the march all right, but stupidity is taking the hoverjet.


If President Bush is brainless, what does that say about the intelligence of the political opponents he's defeated over and over? It would be sad to think of people like you deluding themselves with that sort of comforting delusion if it didn't reflect so badly on its believers. I'd also worry about enlightening a political opponent, but if the evidence so far hasn't enlightened you I doubt my words will.

AOG; I don't pretend that he doesn't have at his disposal the most sophisticated, energized, technologically advanced army of advisors, tacticians and political strategists; I'm just saying that he don't have the sense God gave a goose. I cast no aspersions on those who support or admire or share political and/or religious persuasions with the President, if they sincerely believe him to be a man of true faith, or one who understands the dynamics of a changing world enviornment, or who has been a force of stability in the world; it's simply that we're talking about President Bush. Winning an election through fear-mongering, smear tactics, duplicity and lies is nothing to boast of, ask anyone from the Ukraine. And when it comes to intelligence, it certainly seems to be in short supply in Washington in general, especially concerning Iraq.


I might have described Bush as unintellectual (or, as anti-intellectual), but I wouldn't, for a minute, claim he is brainless. Far from it. He's one of the shrewdest, most clever political figures around. On the other hand, if we were talking about heart and the capacity to truly empathize with others, that's where I could go on for awhile....


It was jr who labeled President Bush brainless, or as he so eloquently put it "NO fucking brains". But it's been a common meme across a wide spectrum of progressives. It definitely warms my heart to see its continued propagation.


I could point out that people with no common sense would also lack the sense and ability to assemble successful teams of advisors and strategists, but that would just be wasting pixels.

AOG, you say tomato, I say tomato, the reality is that for those who support the President, he's William Jennings Bryant, Clarence Darrow, FDR, and a host of other eloquent, intellectuals rolled into one. For those who find him wanting however, he isn't even fit to shine their boots.


I do you the courtesy of citing your own words and addressing the actual opinions you write both out of politeness and to demonstrate the superiority of my arguments. That you won't do the same for me speaks volumes about how strong you view your side of the argument. So far here I have stated that

  • President Bush is not brainless
  • Bush has more common sense than "God gave a goose"
I fail to see how this is equilavent to believing that Bush is "William Jennings Bryant, Clarence Darrow, FDR, and a host of other eloquent, intellectuals rolled into one". If you are going to argue with strawmen of your own imagination, please do so without involving me.

AOG, as far as I'm aware, you and I are entitled to hold whatever opinion of the President we see fit; you obviously support the man, have a high opinion of his intellect and political mettle, however I DO NOT. Whether you find my arguments against the man and his policies to be 'inferior' to your own, is again your perogative. If you feel inclined to insult me personally because I cannot help but see flaws in the man, well I can live with that too. But allow me to remind you that this is a public forum, IF YOU DON'T FIND MY COMMENTS TO BE WORTHY OF YOUR 'SUPERIOR' ARGUMENTS, SIMPLY IGNORE THEM. My opinions of the President are based on my observations of his administration and its policies. I'm not going to apologize because I refuse to accept everything the man says and does as being altruistic, democratic and just, by virtue of the fact that so little of what he has accomplished has employed any of those qualities. If this is something you find personally irritating, mea culpa. If you are just pissed off however that people don't automatically revere the President to the same degree you do, well get used to it. 49% of your nation didn't support him either.


All I am saying is that if I am entitled to hold whatever opinion of President Bush I see fit, then allow me to do so rather than attempting to assign one to me. It is your baseless and hyperbolic description of my opinion I find irritating.

AOG, I fail to see where I have assigned any opinion to you, I have merely assumed you support the President by virtue of your own statements. It seems you are more irritated by my opinions, than any I have assigned to you.

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