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Jan 19, 2005

More Washington Non Scents


In watching Condi's confirmation hearings, I kept wondering: When did "contempt of congress" switch from being a governmental offense to part of a job description?


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The exchange between Rice and Boxer was priceless; Condi's face went from suprise, to determined, to rage, to indignation, and finally to utter dismissal. What is the point of these hearings anyway? Isn't it understood that all nominees will be accepted? I can't understand how Gonzalez, who scripted the hazy torture policy, is the BEST candidate for AG, while Dr. Rice, who as one of the architects of the Iraq invasion, can be rewarded for what is surely one of the most incompetent tenures in NSA history.

Ah, gentle Candian look for *logic* in all this chaos? I fear you will, in your search, end up like Diogenes in his. Want to see the kind of logic we currently have in play here in the Down South? Check this out. The news piece carries an AP dateline: "WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday that he overestimated the pace of Iraq's recovery from the U.S.-led invasion because he didn't realize the lasting devastation wrought by Saddam Hussein on his people after the first Gulf War." This quote just has to be genuine, you just can't *make up* stuff that surreal. Whole article can be found here:


P.S. Just as an incongruous sidebar which ups the Incredulity Index of the whole article, I'm sure you'll remember *why* there was so much blood-letting in Iraq after Gulf War I. Mr. Dick omitted that little bit of historical context.

Yeah, too bad Dr. Rice was correct and Senator Boxer was spouting delusional fantasies.

JSLC; have no fear, I am in no way expecting logic to magically appear within this administration, just hoping.

AOG; of course, it's all going according to plan isn't it?


I don't know, as I'm not sure which particular plan you mean. This one, perhaps?

But what I find most puzzling about this is that there are, in fact, substantive[1] criticisms of Dr. Rice's tenure on the NSC (no, no, look them up for yourselves - it would be good practice). Yet Senator Boxer avoided those in favor of a main thrust that is trivially disproved. Can you explain to me why Boxer did that? The people I know say it's because Boxer is an idiot, but perhaps there's a deeper explanation I'm missing.

P.S. If you want to see what an intelligent questioning of Rice looks like, check out Senator Obama. I'm so glad that Boxer is leading the public image of the Democratic Party on this and that you guys are helping to keep her in the public eye. Thanks, mates!

[1] By substantive, I mean accurate, relevant and significant. That doesn't mean I agree with them, but one can at least make a case on them.

Obama merely did what virtually all Senators do in confirmation hearings; keep low and vote to confirm. My issue with the good doctor is that she was an inept failure as NSA, and shows absolutely no sign of being anything less in her new role.

You don't have an explanation either? OK, I'll go with the "Boxer is an idiot" view. Thanks for clearing that up.

Anytime; and where do I sign up for the 'George for Jesus' campaign?

I don't know, I'm an atheist.

Peace and tranquility be with you.

sorry for the pedantry, but it's "temperament".

I just hate to see a beautiful bag marred by misspelling.

You have discovered the achilles heel. In spite of the occasional glaring mistake, however, I can report the spelling has improved.

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