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Sep 13, 2005

The Roberts Puzzle


I admit, the BAG has found little to visually deconstruct at the outset of the Roberts hearings.  (If anything, Roberts cuts an interesting figure for the way he defies examination beyond that amiable, all-American first impression.)

In marked contrast, however, Chris Bowers at MyDD has struggled valiantly against Democratic ambivalence and a steady string of more dramatic news to keep the Roberts nomination front-and-center. 

I hope it wasn't simply evidence of fatalism, but Chris offered an interesting over-the-shoulder image pulled from C-SPAN today.  Suggesting that the confirmation hearing might well be shaping up as a pointless exercise, it shows Senator Coburn sitting close to printed matter that obviously will be crucial to his part in this historic exercise. 

It's a crossword puzzle.

Chris has created a dedicated link allowing us to follow his comprehensive coverage of the hearings.  You can find it here.

(image: C-SPAN via MyDD.  September 12, 2004.  Washington, D.C.)


Gee, my friend grew up with his ultra-conservative Catholic wife here in the Bronx she says. If this guy was advising Republican Presidents back into Iran-gate, maybe he's why Khomeini was photographed with President Reagan's personal Bible. Wish I stll had that photo. It was a newspaper thing unless you actually read the caption you might have glanced at it and thought "gee a religious cleric".

Six letters. Starts with a "z" and ends with a "t" and refers to someone with really, really strong-headed views.

Hey, Mr. Bagnews. Did you see the close-up shot of Robert's eyes? What's up with that? I thought I had this guy pegged, but this shot makes him look like he just crapped his pants and was told that he'd have to eat it. It's now my new desktop picture.

Doctor Biobrain! Good catch. I spent an hour today in front of the tube staring him down. It's the phony smile that puts me on edge. And the eyes, there's something -- fear? -- that just leaks out of them. He's another actor, genuine isn't a word in his dictionary. His wife is interesting to watch. I suspect she suffers from TMJ ... all that jaw clenching can't be good. At one point she let out a tremendous yawn and I had to think 'was that intentional?' Doesn't she realize that she's in the spotlight every time the camera focuses on the mate? Weary, tightly wound, scary control issues.

I guess this thread is dead - but I have to add this:

The latest nytimes article about roberts has an image of a lady taking notes while his image is on a large flatscreen tv on an AV cart. The cart's 'skirting' is tucked up somewhat, showing equipment. It strongly looks like a 'robo-judge' image.

And the caption just reads "John G. Roberts Jr. during his Senate testimony this week." So Roberts isn't a person. Apparently Durbin asked if he was a "legal robot".

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