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Mar 20, 2006

Bush: On Drugs


(hat tip: Gunta)

(image: Susan Walsh/AP/File photo.  Kansas City, Mo.  March 17, 2006.  (Original: June 14, 2004.  Caption:  In this file photo, President Bush walks down the aisle to pick up a prescription with Wanda Blackmore, left, of Kasnas City, Mo.)


I don't know anythng about the context of this picture, but Ms. Blackmore doesn't look happy. Maybe that's because she's picking up a costly prescription, but usually people who meet someone like the President are at least kind of excited - if not happy - about it. She's not playing the game, and this isn't a very successful photo op for Bush, if this photo is representative.

I agree with Ummabdulla, Ms. Blackmore seems less than thrilled to be with the president. But I suspect she was deliberately chosen by local Republican officials for this photo-op. She looks like she just had her hair done and is wearing dressy clothes for a trip to the drugstore (either that, or she's one of the increasing number of senior citizens forced to continue working in order to economically survive). Bush looks like an over-excited little kid trailing behind his mommy, hoping she'll buy him a candy bar if he's good. This picture reminds me of the one of Bush with the Saudi Prince. A pathetically unloved man, Bush is still looking for parent figures.

He's snickering at her. Heh heh heh... She looks like she's about ready to turn around and spank him.

I think the whole image is rather dizzying. The converging lines of the lights and the shelves along with all of the PRODUCT lend this image sort of funhouse-being-sucked-into-oblivion effect.

The woman has the scrubbed look of a person who has worked hard and played by the rules for a lifetime, only to be rewarded with THIS.

I thought of she looked familiar.

Momly, that link you provided contains a virus. Did you intend to contaminate the PCs of the users here? I am really not very happy with you at this moment.

He's on the wrong aisle. The Cutty Sark and the Virginia Slims are near the front of the store. Otherwise, no matter how hard his handlers try; whenever he is out of place it is glaringly obvious. Even in easy to mediate photos.

At least she can pick up her prescriptions! The so-called "provider" still refuses to pay for mine, despite having my doctor jump through hoops. Humana lies on the website and on the phone. If I was in the aisle with Bush, I'd be showing more than a grumpy face.

The lady is wearing a suit and earrings. Sunday after church? Or was she "paid" to buy something nice to wear that day? In any case, she doesn't look the least bit thrilled/honored/excited to be with the President.

Also, the store is ***empty***. Aside from what appears to be a head (next row over on the right), there are no people. With all that stuff on sale (tags everywhere), one would expect to see other shoppers and maybe a clerk or two. This could be a photo backdrop for all the reality, but I think a fish-eye lens was used.

Not a happy picture. But, then, Medicare Part D is not a succesful program.


In this drugstore, President Bush walks down the aisle to pick up a prescription for:

A. An army, he's searching everywhere for more Army

B. Better days

C. Coagulant, to stop the bleeding in Iraq

D. Drugs, isn't that what drugstores are for?

V. Viagra, for non-stop virulent imperialism

It looks like a cutout of Bush mounted on a dolly is tethered to this poor woman.

Of course I can't tell for sure, but I think she has an Ace bandage wrapped around her right arm. She's probably in pain — which Geedub's oblivious to — on top of everything else.

I'd say the nice lady was looking forward to this honour since the day she answered the call, only to have it turn into a nightmare when actually confronted with the sneering arrogant little twerp. She probably decided in 10 seconds flat that this man wasnt trustworthy enough to carry her bags to the car, nevermind protect her against terrorists and hold the keys to the countries nukes. Now she's just itching to get out of there and tell her republican friends that she wants no more of their 'honours'.

No, I did not intend to infect anyone at all. Sorry about that.

I intended to link to a picture of Miss Wormwood from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon series. She was another of the long-suffering sort that the above woman seems to be and for many of the same reasons.

How does one know if a link has a virus? I'll refrain from posting links until I figure out how that happened.....

Why would you assume that I did that deliberately?

Momly, that link loaded a program onto my PC that pretty much tried to take over -- McAfee caught it and warned me, and I spent most of yesterday cleaning up my hard drive.

You're probably infected, too. If you have an anti-viral program, I suggest you let it scan your computer.

It is best to link to reputable sites, such as the Calvin and Hobbes official webpage if you wanted to take us to an image of Miss Wormwood.

Asta, are you sure it was momly and not Alberto Gonzales who gave you that virus?

RTBAG -- hahaha! *

Oh, dear, I think I feel queasy, I hope it's not some stomach virus going around.

* I have GOT to get a spew-proof keyboard!

Uh, another site,> linked here, but all I'm getting is an image that says "Image Not Available". Am I missing something?

I've been having trouble with Typepad's image hosting. I just loaded the image on a different server. Sorry for the trouble. It should be viewable now.

The woman looks worried, but the drugstore cowboy seems to be having a fine day.

Reminds me of running errands with my grandmother, long ago. These errands were *serious* business, Ms Blackmore sports the game face. Looking at the picture and remembering back, I think that dignity (and projecting dignity) was the controlling force.

My grandmother would have worn her Sunday best to see the President but any shopping required some measure of getting ready. The picture is cropped but there should be a handbag (which rotated periodically according to some mystical force) containing the wallet. Rarely was the wallet carried alone.

I was expected to keep up. Apparently the President isn't.

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