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Apr 03, 2006

And Then This Happened!

I just found out The BAG won Best Post in this year's Koufax Awards for Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These. I'm am unbelievably honored, and a bit shocked.

Certainly, the competition couldn't have been of a higher caliber (including: Michael Berube; Lydia Cornell at BradBlog; Chris Clarke; Hunter at Daily Kos; The Fat Lady Sings; Bob Geiger; Digby; Sassy Texan at My Left Wing; PZ Myers at Pharyngula; and Glenn Greenwald).

Of course, I share the accolades with Alan Chin.  He gives me a hard time when I say this, but in my mind, he's the rock star photojournalist of the liberal blogosphere.  I also share this with my incredible readers and commenters.  If you spend any time at all in my comment threads, you know they more than complement whatever it is I have to offer.

I offer my congratulations to everyone who participated.  The liberal blogosphere is rising.  Also, many thanks to Mary Beth and Dwight at Wampum for all their effort. 

Best Blog — Non Professional
Crooks & Liars

Best Blog — Professional or Sponsored
Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo

Best Blog Community
Daily Kos

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Echidne of the Snakes

Best New Blog
Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory

Best Writing
Digby of Hullabaloo

Best Single Issue Blog
Jordan Barab of Confined Space

Best Expert Blog
Pharyngula by P.Z. Myers

Best Group Blog
Shakespeare’s Sister

Best Post
Bag News Notes for Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These

Best Series
FireDogLake for Plame coverage

Most Humorous Blog
Jesus’ General

Most Humorous Post
Dood Abides for The Wizard of Oil

Best State or Local Blog
Bluegrass Report and Tennessee Guerilla Women

Best Commenter

(Update:  Thanks again to the readership.  I didn't realize till the afternoon that BnN also finished runner-up by a nose for Blog Most Deserving Of Wider Attention.)


Congrats to the BAG! You're valuable to everybody, not just us "visual learners." Enjoy and grow. Congrats to Alan Chin and photogs everywhere. You are doing important work. For all of us open-minded progressives, let's keep the hard work going.

Break out the champagne, Michael, you deserve it!

I am thrilled for you and grateful for the inspirational work you do, and the spectacular talent showcased here with Alan Chin. Also, I wanted to thank you for introducing the works of Clayton Cubitt. The images captured by these two gifted photographers will long live in my mind.

Thank you for all your hard work. It's really a wonderful moment when the best man wins.

Good for you and enjoy :)

Congratulations, Michael and Alan, you are both *so* deserving of this award. "Katrina Aftermath" was *the post* that hooked me on BAGnewsNotes; it was the blog and community I was searching for. Thank you.

Congratulations Messrs Shaw and Chin, both for the honor of winning and the company you keep. This speaks to the power of the images you bring here every day.

(Also, runner-up for most deserving of wider recognition.)

...also congrats on runner-up status as most deserving of wider recognition.

congrats to everyone. great pictures deserve recognition

Michael and Alan, You've Done It !!! Congratulations.

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."

This community is not shocked, for our reward is experienced daily whether we just look, read or comment. I appreciate the superb work consistently done by both of you. And Michael my specific wish is that you don't feel pressured to do more.

Mazel Tov!

you deserve it! This is a wonderful site, and you do great work---you do it so well people don't even realize their levels of visual literacy are being lifted. : > for my baby, and one more for the road.....

Michael, your entire community is happy for you.....and applauding. What you have accomplished with this blog is truly unique.

Alan Chin's dramatic photographs will get the wider audience they deserve.

It is, indeed, a happy outcome.

Congratulations! Well deserved and well done.

Congratulations, Michael! And congratulations, Alan!

BAGnewsNotes is a first of, I hope, many image cracker blogs and it's therefore ironic that the essay singled out is one where the images directly released floods (no pun intended) of thoughts without needing the usual BAG synthesis.

Congratulations to the host, the essayist and the commenters for a post that so clearly shows how much more information than mainstream outlets this new blogging thang can let loose.
In particular I draw readers' attention to the final couple of comments authored by Jim here, and here for extra insight into the kind of thinking that accompanies white privelege in the area.

Editors should be relegated to the museum of press ownership.

Well deserved Michael, well deserved.

Alan and BAG,

Congratulations for your Koufax award, so very well-deserved. Among all of the incredibly talented contenders this year, "And Then I Saw These" was still unquestionably the best post of the year. I can't describe how profoundly the post affected me at the time. 2005 has been a very, very good year for the liberal blogosphere; it is becoming harder and harder to choose THE best among the best.

I have a suggestion for Alan Chin's incredible series: If you could find a way to put it in a slideshow, that would enhance the ability of people to view it.

Congrats Bag. Congrats Alan. (!!!)

Bag, you're a really good curator – and you're both great artists. Word up.

: )

Congratulations Michael! Congratulations Alan!

This is a great site with the most intelligent reader contributions - I enjoy the insight - wonderful news!

Yay! Good for you! Looking forward to more award winning posts and photos! Thanks for stirring the brain cells, too!

(I feel validated myself for all the hours I spend here rather than doing any house work!)

Way to go, BAG and Alan Chin!

Hope I not transgressing, but here, is someone else who was also "a bit shocked" recently.

“Baghdad Burning” won Best Middle East and Africa blog and received a Bloggie.

"But, I was shocked to find out the BOOK “Baghdad Burning” had made the short list for the Samuel Johnson Prize- a prestigious, British award for non-fiction!!

Congrats Michael!! Truly well deserved!!

Congratulations from Brussels, Michael!

Congratulations, Michael and Alan. Well-deserved recognition for a superb entry.

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Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more and I'm sure that many people would be interested..

Most humorous blog jesus. Alan Chin is really nice photojournalist.

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