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Apr 21, 2006

In The Center


Whether conscious or not, the NYT seems to have a bit of a visual agenda lately regarding Rumsfeld.

A week ago Friday, they used the lead article on the front page to feature the mugs of those general calling for Rummy's resignation.  This morning, whereas the visual story of the day was Bush's White House press conference with the profoundly image conscious Chinese President (and its humiliating interruption by a Chinese dissident), The Times still reserved its central focus for Rummy and his puppy, General Peter Pace.

Whether it's keeping the heat on, or just not letting the Administration deflect the issue, the Rumsfeld bloodletting is not fading away.

(image: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. April 21, 2006. The New York Times, p. A1)


btw - there is a very good Bush-Hu photo on the cover of the Boston Globe... Bush (US) trying to hold on to Hu, as he (China) take the lead.

I'm a little scared.

Rummy and the brass look like conspirators scoping out their target. And to Rumsfeld's left in the back (the b&w shadows) is the mastermind himself Dick Cheney.

what planet is the et standing between rummy and pace from? why is pace there to begin with? just another day in the delusional world og george bush...

Is this 'Henny Penny, the sky is falling' material?

Rummy knows everything. They can't let him go, he could finger them all. Ew.

Yesterday, while speaking outdoors at the White House, Chinese President Hu Jintao was heckled. Try as I might, I have been unable to find a guide book for the proper etiquette of a heckler. I decided I would come up with my own list of the do’s and don’ts of heckling. I’ve also provided some novel suggestions.


1. When you determine it is time to begin heckling, do not raise your hand in hopes of being called upon.

2. Do not begin your heckling with, “sir, excuse me…may I say something?”

3. Do not ask security for a copy of the speech so you can find a point in the speech to cue your heckling.

4. Unlike with the exit row in an airplane, do not ask those seated next to you if they feel comfortable with their role of being seated next to the heckler.

5. Do not ask those seated at either end of the aisle if they mind tripping security when they race to remove you from the room.

6. If asked for your press credentials at the door, do not say, “Oh, I’m just here to heckle.”


1. You must yell and screech in a shrill and inaudible voice…otherwise your incoherent message may be understood.

2. Check with all the cameramen in the room to assure they have had time to get a preliminary focus for your seat…your time will be limited and you don’t want to miss out on a good photo-op.

3. Provide your credentials and a brief synopsis of your rant to the press in advance so you will not be misquoted.

4. You must appear outraged and emotional…if you are having trouble getting prepared, ask the person seated next to you to administer several bitch slaps.

5. Once captured, continue to yell but be sure to look back at the person you are yelling at…it’s rude to avoid eye contact.

6. Whenever possible, speak in a foreign language…it heightens the curiosity of the media.

read full heckler handbook here:

they sure look standoffish. But I would probably be guarded if it looked like the tide was turning against me...

Maybe Rumsfeld doesn't know what's going on in Iraq, but I'm sure he knows what people think of him. Everybody in that first row seems to be waiting for somebody else to lead. Is it just courtesy, or courtesy they resent?

The puppet master watches over it's charge or maybe he is wondering if the Chinese have a need for a new Defense Minister, you know, someone who will take a hard line against Taiwan and transform their military. Rummy down for that.

More of Bush and Hu
Bush tears the sleave off Hu's cheap jacket:

[hattip: Dood Abides]

The General is next to Rumsfeld because the White House wants to send the message that at least one general is on his side!

Yeah, whazzat between Rummy and the General? Sure looks like ET to me, too.

I wonder why they chose this picture at all, there are surely better ones of the main characters. I guess showing all the players IS the main character, since Bush's power seems to be evaporating. As a person who regularly used to crop pictures for a living, given this shot of Bush and Hu, this is the only good way to crop it. If Bush and Hu were the important part of the story, they would have used another photo altogether. (I don't know if I'm making myself clear...)

uhuh, ah think you're seriously misunderestimating the reality of the jc's, i.e., bipolar indications to the contrary...the whole charade's @ done. Remember,just for the hell of it, when the Corps took casualties spotting for civiliancontractorsintheirsummerunderwear, and, how the Corps initially anticipated, refused action, and then took the fall for the Fallujah atrocity(?) Trust me, that will not happen again. No amateur bunkerbusting nuclear cowboy invading of Iran.


Your characterization of General Peter Pace as Rumsfeld's "puppy" is unfortunate because it imples that Gen. Pace should exercise more autonomy. However, if Gen. Pace did that (regardless of the position he took), he would be undermining civilian control over the military, which is fundamental to our system of government.

The military is not and cannot function as a formal and visible check on any branch of government. Politicizing the military would be an open invitation for a future coup d'etat.

Bush quietly reorganized the chain of command some years back... but, like most of his secrets, it wriggled out into the sunlight. A real military man was number 3 in the list, now the top 5 slots are civilian... held by men who have NEVER had military experience. If Rummy goes bombing bonkers or Bush orders those C-130 angels to turn Iran into a pillar of fire, there is nobody who'll question the order.

The coup d'etat already happened in 2000, when the Supreme Court chose the loser of the election.

The theocrats planned their moves for decades, and were prepared to take advantage of anything which would further their powergrab.

As much as I wouldn't mind the military frog-marching Bush and his fellow war-criminals* off to The Hague, it would be a very bad breach of the divisions of power as set down by the framers of this country. I'm not sure if an unrigged election is possible, but we have to chance it.

*Illegal invasion, torture, rendition, and secret detainment camps with ghost prisoners ought to be sufficient to count as War Crimes.

Like Auden, I take some comfort in history, but I think the muse of literature needs to step in here: ancient heroic poetry has tales of men who over-reached and who were slapped down. Whether you call it ofermod or hubris, the penalties are severe and equal to the crimes.


Yes, Pace and Rumsfield and the ET look conspiratorial, the other Americans look so bored with diplomatic bullshit that they can hardly stand to be there another second. Don't the Chinese realize that they're not a great power, and Bush is the Ruler of Earth and can harldy spare a moment except to lecture them? Look, we've grabbed the Iraqi oil fields for only 3,000 dead troops, what a steal, with tremendous profits for the power base, a triumph in Phase One, and now on to Phase Two...

Actually, Pace is in an awkward spot, his body turned deferentially toward Rumsfeld, but he's taking cues from the smiles in front of him, while the Americans behind him are scowling and frowning. Hard to keep up and realize how truly they mean this world historical agenda.

Are Laura and Condi wearing the same outfit? Bet that's awkward..

Calling it a "humiliating interruption" -- does that suggest that it shouldn't have happened?

It's interesting to me that Bush chastised Hu about allowing free speech, assembly, and religion in China, but the woman who interrupted the ceremony is now facing federal charges.

God bless hypocrisy.

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