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May 11, 2006

Got Your Back


Karl, that was quite a morning you had yesterday.

Certainly, desperate times deserve ... a mad media dash to the Diplomatic Reception Room.  And they ate up your background.  Sure, it wasn't subtle.  But time was short, and you'd already done Rushmore.

I don't know about framing framers and resonating GW's, and all of that, but it sure makes a difference who you have behind you these days.

(images: Ron Edmonds/A.P. May 11, 2006.  Washington.  via YahooNews)


The tittle of the pic:

"A better George than me!"

It looks like both Georges have a microphone...what would Washington say?

I would not tell a lie is a blur in the past and a bit to the left of the new King George whose head is listing from his fabrications... how about the crease of the lip going back. The mics look like guns.

It's getting so thick, the fans might stop working this summer.

I wonder if Bush has gotten to the "Nixon stage" yet where he's wandering WH halls at night talking to the pictures of former presidents...Can't wait to see him at his 3am appearance at the Lincoln Memorial!!!

Bush On George Washington: "The Interesting Thing About Him Is That I Read Three Or Four Books About Him Last Year. Isn't That Interesting?"... (from Huffington Post)

So I guess this is a new theme. George Washington's pretty safe - no negative poll ratings there.

One man is famous for never telling a lie ... and the other is famous for never telling the truth.

Whole lot a shame goin' on.

Truth, what is it really anymore?

Washington appears to be looking at Bush--and not liking what he sees. The ideals Washington represented have been pushed aside and pulled out of focus--as the blurry portrait off to the side here shows. Bush is obviously in the middle of one of his strange facial expressions where his mouth and jaw move independently from the rest of his face. Is there something neurological going on here?

Rumor has it the DC grand jury looking into the Plame leak is meeting today. That can't be good news for Rove. Soon, Bush may need a new flunky to set up his photo-ops.

Michael Vincent Hayden Birdsong

Is anybody else tired of the flag pin on Bush's (and everybody else's) lapel? Are there any alternative versions out there? A world pin? A rainbow pin? If there can be both "Jesus fishes" and "Darwin fishes," where are the flag pin alternatives?

It looks like he is singing some little ditty without a care in the world. I don't see anything in his expression that tells me he is anywhere but inside his own head listening to the voices.

Suppose he's singing "Danny Boy?" Or, "How Dry I Am?"

On his right shoulder, his conscience, Washington, looking on in disaproval, at Bush's latest oopsss.

It will take a few days for the enormity of this NSA phone call monitoring to completely sink in for a nation that is nearly punchdrunk from assaults on its personal freedoms.

But when it does, our citizens will realize that the building of this giant database had only one purpose. It was to establish calling patterns. And when these patterns were recognized then the wiretaps.

Would they be legal wiretaps with court approval? Of course not, since the process of collecting the information was done without court approval, because the NSA told Qwest that they didn't think the courts would approve it.

That's the reason that GBush looks like he's been caught with his pants down. Because he has. Once again.

One George, the General, defeated another George, the Mad King.

Now we have this George who will destroy all that his predecessor did, in the spirit of the opressor. Go figure.

Meanwhile, a new Harris poll shows Bush's approval rating cannonballs into the icy waters of 29 percent. (Tied with his father's lowest, I read somewhere.) How did this happen???

Can it be that even Republicans don't like to be spied on by their government? Hot damn!

Rafael, from your intriguing observation concerning the three G's, historical research and forensic science indicates King George III's madness was caused by arsenic poisoning. Should 'The Leader Of The Free World' alias George Walker Bush II be subjected to mandatory drugs tests ? Is the WHO the agency reporting on HIV Aids epidemic the potential Avian influenza pandemic, adequately staffed to carry out these tests ? Should they be in conjunction with regular USDA tests for bovine spongiform.
encephalopathy as well, what do you figure ?

I figure the wanker just needs to do what the first GW did (1st President, not the 41st), when he resigned his commision when the Revolutionary War ended and he went home. Now that he has nearly ended the Republic the first GW worked so hard to establish, he should also go home and never, ever come back. Heck, the U.S might need to draft a new Constitution after this joker finishes wiping his ass with the current one.

As for who should randomly test Georgie Porgie, I would leave that to the department within the CIA that investigates WMD, you know, Weapons of Mass Delusion.

Following your link to the mad media dash, one reaches the White House photos page, to discover that when speaking at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Our Decider was adorned with a full shoulder-width halo. Yeh, they're still setting up the halo angles, bigger than ever.

putting it into a little more perspective/the biger pictur, considering the severe separation of powers clauses violations prior to the USA story, could one argue the beginnings of big brother?

No, they should they be in conjunction with regular USDA tests for ALIEN spongiform
encephalopathy! ;^) Why blame innocent cattle for his madness!!!

The problem with posing Bush with these men of stature is that it invites comparison: Washington was an elitist, but he chose not to be King, and was quite willing to relinquish power and go back to his "farm". Jefferson had his Monticello, as well as more useful inventions than I have fingers. Lincoln was willing to grant the peoples more freedoms, whereas the neocons want to strip rights from all but the rich white boys at the top of the Christian pyramid.

Men of accomplishment and grace and education do not have to wrap themselves in titles and honors they do not deserve.

There is another, more insidious device here.

It is what you do *not* see.

Where are the notable women?

Bush is following Hitler's agenda of keeping women in the kitchen tending babies or making cookies... out of sight and silent... except for when he lets his wife out to tell the world how great he is.

Commander Codpiece suffers from masculinity problems. "Father of our Country" is one title he'll never be able to claim, no matter what the kilotonnage of the rockets-in-his-arsenal. The male talking heads were all wargasmic over his padded package, while we women just snickered.

And, as for his honorary Doctorate of Laws...


:roll eyes:

The laws that don't apply to him? The laws that he can wipe away with a signing statement? He has as much respect for law as he does for the freedoms and rights of this country. None. He rules by whim.

So, he is wearing his dis-honorable doctoral robes from some state university (thanks to Boone Picken's wealth) and parading through another state's community college, expecting that the unwashed and uneducated (newscasters) will be blinded by the glorious trappings and carefully-placed backdrops?

Perhaps all that genuflection explains the camera angles!

Good catch, BAG. When I first saw that picture, the presidential seal was what caught my eye first. It looked like a huge shield Bush was hiding behind. Maybe to protect him from ever facing the jail time he has coming, or maybe to remind everybody that, sadly, he remains president.

I like that picture on the White House website. President Bush gets a lot of scrutiny these days, but they're probably still seeing a slowly disintegrating facade (like the wrap-around mural on the wall). All these domestic spying program stories are breaking years after the fact, which leads me to believe the media are stuck following Bushco's lead. I wonder when they'll close that distance and catch up?

How about a freeze frame showing Bush43 in USA Today and Gore at the end of his terrific piece at SNL? What a week for PhotoOps!

I find it funny that one man will let people use him like a yo yo in any setting and seems not have got it yet. Fools faces and places etc. This love fest is to much for me. What happened to his endless vacations on his ranch? We need the break.

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