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Jun 13, 2006

Reclaiming Iraq - Part 2: The Simple Hand Job



Is it too much to hope that the MSM might see past these theatrical gestures?

Simply, what was billed as a two-day summit to re-calibrate the Administration's Iraq policy turned into a one day meeting at Camp David, then a massive publicity stunt on day two, dropping Bush into Iraq so he could wave to his confidently posed cabinet officers from Baghdad.

As for substance, day one produced little more than an abstract wish that the Iraqis distribute more oil revenue to its people.  (Oil revenue as a cure-all?  Can't remember where we heard that before.)

Anyway, get ready for a whole new round of flag waving and arm pumping, combined with a lame collection of "evidence" subtly suggesting that we've "turned the corner."  Be prepared to hear that: Zarqawi (the U.S. invention) is dead; Maliki has managed (barely and belatedly) to name Interior and Defense Ministers; the Administration is (making sure you know they are) listening better and admiting mistakes.

Therefore, the only conclusion John Q. Public could draw from events this week are: America will "stay the course"; "achieve victory"; and not "cut-and-run" like those yellow Democrat war veterans.

(image 1: Eric Draper/White House.  June 13, 2006.  Baghdad.  image 2:  David Bohrer/White House.  June 13, 2006.  Camp David.


Would it be too risque to suggest that, in the top picture, Bush is actually not waving but 'saluting' the real power base behind America's stupid and self-centered international policy?

Wow, a bunch of kids have snuck into Dad's den and discovered his video conferencing equipment.

"Heh heh! Look, I'm over here in Iraq now!"

""Alright! Hey look, you can see me waving!"

"This is like, so cool!"

I think floopmeister nailed it, lol. And Bush nudging Maliki, "Wave to them! Wave!"

Jerry's right - the power base is in the picture on top; they're humoring little Georgie, but while he's gone, maybe Cheney can make some real decisions.

I'd love to know what's going through Maliki's mind.

Bag wrote: "Is it too much to hope that the MSM might see past these latest theatrics?" Yes, it is silly to hope it. Why should they see passed what puts money on their plates, gets them to first class on the plane, and a top the A-List? For what...the truth? Or even a truth? Who the hell needs it? Who has needed it since Reagan?

On another that a look of doubt on Condi's face? Too much koolaid? Could that even be possible?

#1: Bush, et al, hail the power of the message machine, salute the might of the media image for which they are all gathered, Amen.

They don't have their (true) faces to us, yet we watch their theater as if it is real.

#2: Overlapping the hung pictures as if they, themselves are a captured and cherished snapshot of history awaiting a frame, each. There is positivity, confidence, and careful thought, all, being used in the Iraq war: just look at their faces.

I've heard of See No Evil/Hear No Evil/SPeak No Evil, but what are the names of this clever set? See Only Good/Feelin' Great/and Think 'Bout Evil?


I love the expression on Cheney's face "oh George, you crazy kid....what are we going to do with you?" I can see Cheney welcoming GW back with that same look and then putting him in a headlock and giving him a noogie.

Cheney looks positively Santa Clausian. Bush waving at the monitor just comes across as childish. What a joke.

"Ignore the 55 dead in Iraq today, the fact that we had to fly in secretly and out under cover of darkness. Everything's great, we've turned the corner!"


The re-runs are getting old and stale.

Can you guys find out how much this six hour visit (to a head of state whose only chance at being accepted by his people is to distance himself from the Bush administration) cost the American taxpayer?

Why the hell is the SecDef giving the camera a thumbs up? What is this, summercamp?

If you think about it, they've been turning so many corners in Iraq during the occupation they must by now be right back on the corner where they made the first turn: back at GO where they can now start all over again turning corners, if there are any left. Like going in circles, they keep going around the same Baghdad block ducking the bombs. The whole thing is so disgusting I'm ashamed to joke about it.

Condi looks mad that she isn't in Iraq, side by side with her hus... president.

I think the photographer snuck Condi into the frame. Both of the others are giving their assigned photo faces - Cheney has put on his symetrical smile and Rummy, dispite the heavily contorted chin is working the silent talking point, "whatever is happening, it's good news". Condi looks concerned - caught off guard by the cameraman's last second swivel?

When Saddam was brought in the Preznit got a 4 percent bump that lasted less then a month. Now, after a week of what passes for good news for the administration (Zarqui dead! Rove not guilty!) they are trying desperately to milk that sucker for all its worth.

Joshua Holland counted 14 "we turned the corner in Iraq" announcements from the administration in the last two years - well after and not counting "Mission Accomplished."

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