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Jul 17, 2006

Dems Fold Over Web Caskets


Oh, now I understand why the DNC pulled its "controversial" web ad about America being on the wrong track.  It was not just because of pressure over one controversial image -- this shot of caskets coming back from Iraq.  It's because it contained two offensive frames -- the second revealing a standing gun and helmet, that classic battlefield tribute to a fallen comrade.


So, once again the crazy liberals are up in arms.  They're screaming how the party is being run by a bunch of spineless wimps, and how, in contrast, Rove and Co. milked the visual hell out of smoldering WTC wreckage.

But hey, we're talking about two pics here.  Clearly, that's piling on.

You can still view the clip at Alternet.

(images: Multimedia via You Tube via Alternet)


It would appear the DLC is suffering from 'battered wife syndrome.' They're so used to being verbally beaten by the master race that just the threat of a whuppin' and they recoil in terror. They are just beginning to realize that the right's 'war on terror' means war on democrats.

Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin....

Or more to the point, is ok if "we" do it but wrong if "they" do it. This is the price for Bush failed, erroneous policies and people should know about it. If the Dems don't point this out, then who will? Now, had the vid been dripping with blood and gore a could see it (the outrage that is), if they where lying in some way or another, I could see it, but the only thing I saw was something that needed to be seen and said, the THRUTH!

The problem is not the subject of the ad, but the fact that there is any ad at all for making statements about serious problems. A far better use of time and message would be to get a sponsor for a "white paper" piece of journalism about the disaster of war from the Democrats' point of view.

This system of 30 second spots is the reason for apathy. It's killing the political process and cheapens political dialogue. The citizenry is not enlightened one iota by this trash that passes for thoughtfulness.

Since I have dial-up, I only watched half of the 1:30 minute ad (it took 15 minutes), but I thought it was a kicker. The music set the somber tone of the message that we are in a lot of trouble. If the DLC or DNC or DCCC or whoever thinks they are in charge of the democratic campaign keeps backing off of a direct confrontation like an uptown liberal, the wingnuts will win again, and they won't have to cheat.

When, oh when, will the democrats learn that the other side is vicious and they have to be challenged. You can't challenge them by waving a white flag every time they snarl. Grow up!

The democrats must learn that they must stand up to the wingnuts or they won't stand for anything. I thought those powerful images along with that dirge made the point. What are they afraid of?

I think that the first image is one of the "iconic" images of the war. Because it shows what happens in War. Because it is a forbidden photo--- the Bush Administrations will not let the American public see these caskets coming home. The caskets of over 2,500 heroes have have been brought home, how many photos have we seen??

And most especially because it is the Truth. Simple. It reveals the Truth. A forbidden Truth.

And the Spineless Slugs in the Democratic Party are afraid of the Truth. Indeed, they are afraid of everything---

---Which is why the Bush Administration has been able to put us in so many dangerous holes.

I just can't believe this is the entire story, because nothing about it makes sense. We all know the flag-draped coffins are controversial, so why pull the ad after you've gone to the trouble to make it? We also know the Republicans are going to balk at the sight of them. These are not surprises. Somebody fucked up and didn't get a release or something. There has to be a legal issue that no one's coming clean about because it's embarrassing.

Not that there's any comfort in that, either.

Margaret said it, above. Spot on. Exactly. Echos the basic and important thesis of Neil Postman's phenomenal 1985 work Amusing Ourselves to Death. Recommended!


And don't forget about Roger Waters' CD Amused to Death.

I am experiencing some distress that there is not more outrage expressed on this post about the Dems caving at the whiff of controversy.

Does no one else see this as a harbinger of failure in November??

Cactus, I don't see it as a harbinger of failure in November at all. My understanding is it was posted only on the Internet, so it had a "preaching to the choir" audience, not a mainstream one. Therefore, I don't think it matters as much as something that would get broader, and more publicly embarrassing, coverage. In fact, the NYT article wasn't all that negative (for the NYT). I suspect the ad was a test run of some sort (a suspicion based entirely on no evidence whatsoever), to see what would happen.

But in the interest of full disclosure, I just got a new pair of rose-colored glasses.

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