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Jul 21, 2006

Foreign, And Domestic Affairs


Studying yesterday's newswire with a particular eye to Bush's appearance before the not-so-receptive NAACP -- I came upon something I found curious.

I'll take you through the sequence.

Prominent in the collection of morning shots was this pic of Bush doing that "I see you" clowning thing -- alongside Condi.  And here's the caption:

U.S. President George W. Bush waves to the press as he walks to the Oval Office with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, July 20, 2006. Rice intends to travel to the Middle East as early as next week to press for a political solution that helps reduce fighting between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, her spokesman said.

Given that Iraq and the Middle East are in meltdown; BushCo is fighting its own three or four front diplomatic war; and the intimation from this caption is that Condi's focus is overseas, you'd think she would be in a hurry to get to the State Department, right?


Later in the day, Bush does the NAACP meeting.

In weighing out the most informative visuals, I seized upon this audience shot anchored by ole' Jesse himself.  By the way, the body language is just incredible, isn't it?  .. If you heard some of the speech, you might also have noticed Bush changing his pronunciation to sound more "brotherish."  Yeah, you go, George! )

But then, at the last minute, I noticed one more image -- this one catching the same figures at an angle.  And there -- across a gap, I was a little surprised to see Condi.


With foreign affairs in such a dangerous and critical state, what was she doing here?

She could have just been there for symbolic value.  (It's Rove's policy to pair Bush with black faces whenever a day, event or photo op is even remotely relevant to African-Americans.  That's why it made sense to see Condi with "W" on the lawn that morning -- and maybe why Bush was making sure he had the photographer's attention.)

She could have been there because the Administration has at least a week to kill before getting seriously involved with Lebanon.

Or, as Bush's confidant, chief hand-holder, and, basically, the glue that holds him together, she could have been there mostly for the eye contact.

(image 1 and 2: Jason Reed/Reuters.  Washington. July 20, 2006. Via YahooNews. image 3:  Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo. Washington. July 20, 2006. Via YahooNews. )


The photographer for the first photo obviously left out the empty seat on purpose. I wonder who was supposed to be sitting in it? Perhaps no one wanted to sit next to Condi?

The first photo says, "We don't have a care in the world!"

(After the embarrassments in this last trip, they should just lock him up and let him run out his time clearing brush or riding his bike or something... don't let him out to humiliate the country any more.)

I saw part of his NAACP speech; the BBC went live to it for a while, maybe assuming that he would address the situation in Lebanon. I only saw him, though, making references to his buddies Jesse Jackson and Dr. Benjamin Hooks. It's interesting to see the audience now. The body language is quite telling, isn't it? They've all got their legs crossed the same way, and they've all got the same expression on their face. The chairs are so small and/or close together that they're crowded together, making almost an unbroken line. Well, until we get to that empty seat next to Condi. I wonder whose seat it was? Not Bush's, is it? I assume he had a seat on the stage.

I can see where he'd need Condi there for moral support, but you've got to wonder what's going through her mind. She's got to take sides, and feel somewhat like a traitor either way. (Are those two white guys behind her Secret Service agents? Does she need a buffer?)

Jesse Jackson stands out in his brown suit and yellow tie.

Another interesting photo:

I really like the picture with the empty chair. Was it W's?.., as if he was just there for a 12-step program and came up and talked??, and then he is going to go back down and sit and listen to the rest of the program??

Brings the whole potty break note into better focus. Condi is actually a nurse and they have cleverly disguised her as a secretary of state. They just told George she was his secretary of "the state" (that's George, since he is the decider). maybe they will trade notes about what to do with israel and George can cut up during the next speaker.

Cheney is diabolical!! These people are actually insane.

That crowd was soooooo polite to him, they are a class act.

Regarding the first photo, it's very sexual (as your headline suggested, perhaps?).
Imagine the space between them removed. Take another look.

Oh, yes.

The empty chair, I think, is where her husband ... excuse me ... the president was sitting before he spoke.

If white Americans had the brains to be as skeptical of Bush as African-Americans are, the world wouldn't be in the mess it is today!

Maybe they just needed all the African-American faces they could find for the audience. It's hard to fill a room with people who your policies have consistently harmed, people you've never respected, people your every action shows you despise.

the chairman dances, courtesy of whitebros security

BushCo promised Israel a killing spree lasting a week. I wonder what Israel promised BushCo in return...

I also woner what's in Condi's head as she sits amid a sea of her "peers" who, frankly, look like they are being fed shit and have to endure no matter what.

Another thing, notice that there aren't any women in red suits? Usually, Rove (and his pal Grover Norquist) talk a some gullible women into buying garish red clothing to wear whenever Bush makes one of his photo-ops. It's some bizarre public relations ploy that they picked up in their con-artist, direct mail days. Even Condi doesn't buy into it. The Administration is really in enemy territory here.

Bush tells CBC he's 'unfamiliar' with Voting Rights Act

by Roland S. Martin, Chicago Defender
January 27, 2005

President George W. Bush met with the Congressional Black Caucus Wednesday for the first time as a group in nearly four years, but what CBC members said stood out the most was the president's declaration that he was "unfamiliar" with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant pieces of legislation passed in the history of the United States.

. . . .

As for Rice, [Representative Bobby] Rush said the new secretary of state said "absolutely nothing. She was just there. For what reason, I'm not sure."

Picture reflects BIGGEST applause line (approximate remeberance) "Black people don't trust the GOP". A weak, pathetic, almost begging speech. Condi, the beard for old white men and the screwing of the world.

The slumping posture of Secy. Rice disturbs me. her shoulders, her neck, the tilt to her head suggests some doubt(?), fatigue(?), something that suggests less than enthusiasm for what the President is saying.

And I forgot to comment on the two white dudes sitting behind the "queen"...they don't blend in with the crowd, way too obvious. I guess BushCo doesn't "use" black agents...just saying..

A happy couple, a final wave, happy holidays folks.

Pics 2 and 3 no peak-a-boo, no happy happy.

bush was probably slowly pissing on himself being in a room with so many black and brown ppl and feeling the vibe off the audience, i am glad someone could make this shithead sweat. and condi looks as if she is daydreaming lovingly at her man....maybe in her mind she's giving him a bj in the oval office.

Regarding the first photo, it's very sexual (as your headline suggested, perhaps?).
Imagine the space between them removed. Take another look.

Oh, yes.

Oh man I feel ill.
Then again if he dumped his long suffering wife for Condi and became part of the first inter-racial first couple, that would be kinda cool.
But challenging society's norms takes character and Bush has none. But I betcha there's a secret Bush who wishes he was a braver man. Maybe that explains all the clowning. I can't be me so I'm gonna be silly.

jesse and all his friends look as if their going to get a group root-canal. i certainly give them all the credit in the world. i don't think this white boy could do it. rich

1. Maybe Rove is reading The BAG and was tipped off about the notoriously commentable dress. Ixnay on the edray.

2. Maybe the red is only worn by the white christianists to show their solidarity with the dear leader. My bet is that all those classy black women are too smart to fall for that one.

3. Maybe all the wearing of red was just a Rovian trick to keep people guessing while they went about their business stealing money from us all.

4. The 'white guys' sitting behind Condi don't look white to me. Light complexion, yes, just like a lot of blacks. Light hair on one of them, yes, just like a lot of younger blacks. Besides, if they were secret service, they would not be trapped in middle rows surrounded by people.

5. Empty chair: definitely not W's. He would not (literally) lower himself to sit with the masses, especially the black masses. Remember he had to be forced to fly over NOLA.

6. Top photo of Condi & Gdub, body language definitely looser, more casual, more intimate than that with the German chancellor. Picture Albright and Clinton walking to the WH. I get a totally different mental picture.

I forgot to mention the body language of the front-row audience. Especially in the last photo, the folded hands and the 'laid back in the chair' posture really says "You got something to say to me?" and "Prove it." Also the empty chair beside Condi is almost a hostile negative space. No one really wants to get that 'chummy' with her.

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