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Sep 23, 2006

Yo, Whacko!

(click for the whole sorry size)

I may not be a big Pelosi fan, but this caption -- running on YahooNews -- is complete b.s.  (Notice how the rip is accentuated by reference to a "lawmaker," rather than House Minority Leader.)

I mean, could you imagine a Hastert pic showing up tomorrow with this chicken scratch: 

The US Congress will retain its radical makeup if incumbent Republicans win November's midterm election. Abramoff benefactor and Republican lawmaker Dennis Hastert, representing a "hayseed" district in north Illinois, seen here in June 2006, will set the agenda.  (AFP/Getty Images/File)

And while I'm at it, there was also this shot one pic away from the one above.  That caption read:  South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, center, walks with House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Ill, right, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., left, after their meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2006.

Walks with?

(image 1: APF/Getty Images/file.  Via Yahoo News.  linked image: Charles Dharapak/A.P.  September 13, 2006. Via YahooNews)


I love the way she, and other Dems, are falling all over themselves to condemn Chavez. Useful idiots. The more they call her a radical, the more she, and the other leadership, try to prove they are not.

What/who should we really try to get upset at?
The mainstream media and their b.s.?...and their little intentional jabs?
The democrats and democratic leadership?
The republicans and their conniving to undermine constitution in record time before elections take place? to make US a showcase of terror at home?
The main actors in this Shakespearean tragedy of evil ruler?

"Ain't that little bit too much" said the chicken head? ...So, let us talk about the the lower gas prices,... and devil, and sulphur smell..../Oh, I feel a relief...

So who should we blame?
How should we look at the everyday progress of "democracy" in Iraq?
Can we still grasp the enormity of the happennings in Iraq and the responsibility?

jonst > amen brother.

Reuters article in the NYT Thu Sep 21, 2006 5:31 PM ET By Daniel Trotta some tidbits

yapping from a Liberal, and *racial programing* from MSM, when was the last time you hear Tiger, Colin etc etc called a darkskinned mixed raced leader ???

"... Even Nancy Pelosi, a liberal member of Congress and one of Bush's fiercest political opponents, called Chavez a "thug" for likening Bush to the devil

*The dark-skinned, mixed race leader* told New Yorkers to read Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain as well as modern thinkers like Noam Chomsky and John Kenneth Galbraith, lamenting he could not meet Galbraith before he died in April at age 97
"It's not easy talking to Americas about these topics, but it is the truth," Chavez said. "You need to understand the truth." (Chavez UN speech)


Where did that "dark-skinned mixed race" language come from?

I'm not so sure the Pelosi caption rises to the standard for propaganda. "Radical" is politically charged. If the writer intended the "going to the root" sense of word (think math, square roots, the squiggle thingie that denotes roots) there are politically neutral words available (although the best substitute I can manage is "fundamental" which now carries political baggage).

"Liberal" presents an interesting case. The drug addict Limbaugh and his posse have spent two decades using "liberal" in contexts where one would expect the word "cocksucker". Net effect is his listeners are bombarded with profanity laced rants. Neat trick since "liberal" is still FCC approved. I feel fortunate to live in a liberal democracy, to have the benefit of a liberal education and good on Ms Pelosi for promoting liberal values. Fuck Rush, fuck the horse he rode in on. Liberal is not a swear word.

"Left coast" is presented in quotes and is descriptive. San Francisco is the epitome of Left Coast and one of the truly beautiful places to visit. I assume it's a pretty nice place to live, too.

(BTW, shout out to Speaker Hastert. Congrats on the nearly $2 million profit on the land deal. Good eye for shrewd investment!!!)

jonst > sorry I don't know how to hook you up directly but;

1) go to http://www.medialens. 2) click message board, 3) scroll down to Nico's link and you avoid the Online Special membership and you go direct, you might also be interested in the other commentators on this topic, a good example of how the UK lads flush out the MSM

-I think NYT frabricated Chavez's statement that Chomsky is dead - Nico Yesterday, 6:08 am

--email I sent to the NYT - Nico Yesterday, 7:24 am

---Thanks Nico, good work - could you post the link to the Reuters article? -nm - dereklane Yesterday, 8:08 am

----Sure thing--here it is. - Nico Yesterday, 6:08 pm

Hope this helps

In fairness:-

"But if Democrats win, it likely will be liberal Democratic lawmaker Nancy Pelosi, representing the "left coast" city of San Francisco, who will set the agenda.

If tradition holds Pelosi, CURRENTLY HOUSE MINORITY LEADER, would likely become House Speaker although others in her party are believed to be angling for the top job, including conservative Democrat John Murtha, a key critic of the Iraq War."

My mother died and my father remarried while I was in grad school. On a visit home, my stepmother took to referring to me and my passions as "longhair". Such as "longhair" music.

Finally, I said to her that I didn't go around calling her stupid, could she please use the same courtesy with me. It stopped. I think "longhair" goes with "radical", "liberal", "left-coast" lawmaker.

this just shows how the republicans control the political language in this country. the democrats have to set the definitions of what a democrat is instead of the 'neocons'.

Pity the poor democrats for the comfortable nest they have woven for themselves. They have so long neglected their job of loyal opposition that when those outside the kingdom call out the king for not having clothes, they dare not agree and are forced to defend the king in his nakedness. For if they dare to agree, they will be called traitor when they campaign for renewal of their privilege. The problem with roasting liberals is that they tend to melt when exposed to the fire and only then do we discover that they have no backbone.

"Radical" and "left coast" are code words to demean Pelosi, especially when combined with that gawdawful photo. Granted, Pelosi isn't the most photogenic of the democrats, but it does seem that the MSM (including Yahoo) goes out of its way to look for the worst of them. Further, using such code words marginalizes the object of those words. As for the linked photo, Hastert is so 'chubby' that he takes up most of the room. Looks to me as if Pelosi, being a #2 and knowing her place, backs off, perhaps in deference (diplomatically) to the visitor. It's interesting that the photo was taken at exactly that instant.

DoctorJay: When I was in college, 'longhaired music' was Beethoven and Handl. The more things change..........

I think my favorite part is the the way her hand position reminds me of Montgomery Burns. It's almost as if she's saying "Excellent...once I'm in charge sodomy will be mandatory! Mwahaha!"

In re jonst' 5am post:
There is but one party . . .

How about the word "makeover"?Am I reaching here or is this a sexist way to diminish Pelosi?

In re Chavez:
Did you all read the NYT coverage of the Chavez speech on how many in the assembly seemed to be laughing along with him and how the applause had to be quelled so as to be able to get on with business?

jt from BC, thanks for the link to the speech!

No offense but if you don't see that as intentional propaganda you have are militantly (just pulled that out of a hat) partisan or are intoxicated (not drunk, just full of) with gay (meaning happy) thoughts on the corporate (well corporate is not a stretch) media. Your approach to abort (just, you know it’s just a word) this issue from discussion is grave (as in death and dead bodies).

You see the little things matter, and this is just rude behavior. It shows that the folks on the inside are all willing to do their part. This person as an editor, someone else setting up a vote machine, or someone in OH rejecting voter registration forms that are not on resume quality paper.

Also Liberal has been receiving a makeover for many years and to call her a Liberal Dem lawmaker rather than the Dem House Minority leaders is pathetic and while she is not as powerful would be like calling W the “Theologically-inclined Republican Ruler”. Leaders have titles for a reason, if the media is not biased it is quite easy to user their official title - and depending on the format could easily be less type than what they have especially considering they leave 90% of the last line with no text.

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