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Dec 20, 2006

Short Handed?


Before I saw the news this morning, I was hoping to downshift a bit.  Given how serious its been around here lately, I was planning some waggishness, perhaps knocking off some revisions to the Administration's holiday card.

Still, if Rove says the new strategy isn't coming till January....

For regular readers, you know how much I appreciate the picture that carries a larger editorial ring.  You don't need a class in visual literacy to wonder about what's happening above the fold on today's NYT front page.  (He's the scan.)

The shot above, although tied to an article about Grand Ayatollah Sistani and Iraq's religious politics, is spread over four columns juxtaposed with the two column headline regarding Bush's plan to expand the U.S. armed forces.  Regardless of the denials in the lead article, does anybody doubt the move foreshadows the so-hinted "troop surge," and a longer-term escalation of our involvement in Iraq?

Of course, I could be overly reading in.  At the same time, this image -- of morgue workers placing a coffin on top of a vehicle in Baghdad -- is not tied to any particular event.  As significant as the lead story is, as large as the image is, and as available as it is for free association, it's almost too easy to see the photo making comment on the troop build-up, saying:

more hands = more coffins


more troops = more death.

(image; Ali Jasim/Reuters.  Baghdad. December 19, 2006. Via YahooNews.)


up with the death toll

I deeply appreciate the Times putting a page like this together, but Bush needs to be smacked around a lot harder than this.

In Slate this morning, I read this:
The Post wraps up its Oval Office conversation coverage with an A14 analysis of a president who "bluntly dismissed the suggestion" that Americans have signaled they have tired of the Iraq war. "There's not a lot of people saying, 'Get out now.' Most Americans are saying, 'We want to achieve the objective,' " says Bush.

Well, Thats BULLSHIT. And he should get called on BULLSHIT like that -- not just on the Blogs, but by the reporters who are asking the questions.

Anyone in power (including the media) who doesn't protest -- who allows any kind of "surge" to occur is ON BOARD with Bush and should GO DOWN with Bush. He needs to be stopped in his tracks right now!! I'm especially thinking that Congress is being tested by Bush and Rove. If they fund this "surge" idea -- then they're implicated and they have to ride out the results.


those hands of death are tired and faceless
our emperor does not want to lose face
it is time for a new story

I saw it this morning before I had my coffee. I was taken mostly by the red stained gloves - they symbolize the incessant flow of blood. There is no horizon, only a little sky - like a bit of heaven reserved for whom? the martyrs?. Nothing to focus on but the dead.

I hope the image communicates that Bush's "Plan for Victory" is dead on arrival. We don't need a surge strategy. The first thing we need to do is to get this administration out of office. How many more people need to die before we decide to hold Bushco accountable?

I'm in agreement with gasho on this.

The new congress needs to hold the administrations feet to the fire. The reason there was a mass exodus of republicans from office was because across the nation people are fed up with the status quo.

"surge=stay-the-course" in my book.

I'm puzzled by this photo. What's that red? Is it their sleeves, or what?

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