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Mar 30, 2007


As a program note, I will shortly be taking my first break since last year.  For the week of "Semana Santa," I'm going south, and I'm leaving my computer behind.  Not to worry though.  I have composed a series of eight posts, titled "Since November," looking at particular images from the past few months, several keyed to the mid-term election and the power shift in Washington.  In that stretch, I leave the site -- which I'm more than happy and comfortable to do -- in your trust. 

I'll be away from the 31st through the 8th (hoping that nothing overly newsworthy breaks while I'm gone).  When I return, I've got many things planned, including new original content from all my contributers, as well as a first in the blogosphere: a four day, on-line exclusive exhibition of Alan Chin's photos from Campaign '04, with real-time curatorship, narration and commentary from Alan, his colleagues and special guests, and most of all, you. 

Once again, thank you so much for all your encouragement, thoughtfulness and participation in our ongoing project.  I'm more confident than ever about what we're doing and where we're headed.

-- Michael Shaw


Good travels, and great recent photo/posts.

With regard to your "hoping that nothing overly newsworthy breaks while I'm gone"---- Hell no, we are all hoping that it will bust wide open, and it is looking like it might.

The pot is bubbling, and the Boy Emperor is likely to jump out of the pot and right into the fire.

Coming up is Prime Photo Opportunity Time!!!

Not to ruin your holiday or nothing.

In that case, I give you and the readership full permission to cut away from the "regularly scheduled broadcast," to link to "breaking photos," and to follow the "events as they might occur."

People, listen up! I don't know what you are talking about — and I don't want to know. I'm keeping my eyes tight except enough to see what I am typing. But I refuse to read your character assassinating mean nastiness.

This is Ann Althouse. And I bring you a message.

—I voted for Clinton twice.
—I voted for Russ Feingold.
—There's this little thing called "9/11." Maybe you've heard of it???

I will have you know that Garance used tricks on my mind to make me explode like that. I mean, not explode. To make me call her out as a character assassinater, I mean.

Did you know that Barack Obama can infiltrate your mind and take over your thoughts? It's true. Mark Schmitt said Barack Obama is just like Lex Luthor.

It's true. See? Right here:

I blogged about Obama's mind-control powers here:

—Ann Althouse, Professor of Law

Ann, you're scaring me.

Happy trails to you, we'll take good care of your baby. Perhaps we'll find some good comments to post for your enjoyment upon your return. How far south are you going?

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