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May 07, 2007

In Reality, Condi Gives Herself The Finger


If Stepanopoulos looks accusatory, we're actually way beyond that now.

All that is taking place in this instant -- after GS references the famous 16 words in the State of the Union about Iraq trying to obtain uranium from Africa -- is an invitation for Condi to view a videoclip.  His exact words in the moment, not in any particular tone, are "Here's what you said."




What follows on tape -- from an appearance on the Stephanopoulos show in June 2003 -- is Rice claiming she had no idea the intelligence about the uranium was false.

Back in real time, Stephanopoulos points out that Rice was informed three months before the State of the Union that the information was false.  From there, Rice claims she forgot she knew it, and that her deputy Stephen Hadley -- who had been informed twice by memo and once orally, by George Tenet -- also forgot he knew it.

If other blogs give a far deeper summary and analysis of the politics, the focus of The BAG  is the scene of comeuppance, as well as the visual milestone.  That frame of Rice facing the video, and her own words, marks a new turn in the disintegration of this Administration.  Of course, the Congress and the press need play a key role in bringing these people to judgement (and reality).

The pathetic, if unique opportunity here is that, after years of lying to our faces, we get to witness them observing it as well.

Transcript here.

(screen shot: ABC News via Raw Story)


Another aHa! moment!!!

Sorry if I don't get too enthused...

Oprah's Id.

The Statement is Pointless; The Finger is Speechless

Remember that she'll be facing congress this Thursday, where this kind of introspection is likely to get a lot tougher. Here's hoping that gonzo and rice both get held in contempt for their inability to explain the roles they've played in this game of deception they've been playing for so many years.

Tune in and watch - or listen. I was lucky enough to be able to hear the Gonzo court session the other day and felt like I was drinking nectar in the form of "functioning government at last" !!

I'd bet money she was pondering her old hair style. These people aren't sorry for ANYTHING.

When the House goes after Gonzales again, I'm praying that someone asks if wateboarding Gonzo might 'focus the mind' so that he remembers really important meetings he had in December to fire US Attorneys - Gonzo said he just, doggone it, couldn't remember anyting about that meeting. Not a thing.

After all, waterboarding's not torture, and it's said to work like a charm at getting important US 'intel.'

It's hard to remember a Lie; it's easy to remember the Truth.

KingElvis, I am with you. It's not torture and what we need to get out of him is the truth.

Funny how the rules don't apply to them. And consequences? Well, that is what the law it for, to protect you from ever getting what you deserve.

I can't remember being such an excited fan as I am now of the Congressman pushing this investigation. Go, Leahy go! Go Waxman, go!

By watching Gonzales and Rice I am learning how to lie.

Waxman, you are my true hero. You are tenacious, perceptive, and great at digging out the real truth.

Excellent post!! I forwarded this to my email list, because it should be seen by everyone. The photo, with the references to "forgetting" the facts, were priceless. Thank you.

This entire adminstration lies so much, they don't recognize the truth until it bites them in the ass.

Oh wait - it is...

I agree with Billy Maher, the reason gw bush has idiots like Condi and Gonzo and the rest of his cabinet around, is because they make him look smart. Which he has proven to the world, he is an idiot also.

The fascinating thing about the Bush administration isn't guessing whether they're lying - OF COURSE they're lying - it's trying to figure out what they're really up to. I belive the point of Iraq was to destabilize the middle-east, but I'm twisting myself into knots trying to figure out why they'd think that's a good thing.

When do we get to see Dubya having such a moment? Or Dick Cheney?

I wonder what their evil, petulant little reactions would be.

Give her credit -- she hasn't aged a bit, except for the slightly longer hair. And the reason she hasn't aged a bit is because she (and her boyfriend in the WH) have no idea of the disaster they have brought upon Iraq, nor of how their actions has had a disastrous impact on how America is perceived by the rest of the world. This delusional unmarried couple lives in a fantasy world of its own making, thinking (too strong a word, as neither have ever been violated by a any kind of thought) they have "liberated" Iraq and the problems there are just a "comma" (so says Condi; I would say coma) to history.

Tina -YES. I'd love to see the 9th round of Leahy v. Bush !!!!

danielk -

All you have to do is look at the PNAC manifesto. Their goal wasn't to destabilize the middle east; they thought that, by now, they'd have breezed through both Iraq and Iran - if not Libya and Syria - well on their way to gaining more or less full control of the region and (along with the Saudis) middle east oil.

That was to be only the beginning; what they had in mind for China is laughable in its hubris, and chilling in its implications.

The significance here is that Stayontopofthis (as Click and Clack would have it) is actually using past behavior to call CONdi's present behavior into question.
There are two problems with televison "news" in general: reporting is brief, with little if any detail and it is very much "in the moment" (breaking news first). There has been a less than gradual abandonment of context and history (even if that means going back a couple of years to dig up some old tape).
Maybe GS was inspired by Jon Stewart's "Bush vs Bush" piece to actually give it a try. Basic stuff this -- you're accountable for what you've done as well as what you're proposing to do.

I'm with KO on this one. Her focus would be on herself and her presentation, not the content of what she said. What difference does it make what she said yesterday, two years ago or four years ago. The press already bought that bill of goods. No refunds. She's still the Sec. of State, GWB is still the President, Gonzo (unbelievably) is still the AG, etc etc. so who cares what we might imagine about the disintegration or unravelling of the administration. They're still in charge and it is clear from the tepid response of the Democrats and the press that that will remain the case. It won't be disintegrating for another 600 or so days. There will be no impeachments. There will be no war crimes. There will be no accountability. And in that time people will continue dying in Iraq, ships will continue gathering in the Gulf and pointing at Iran, the American economy will still be tanking, while the Constitution and the rule of law continues to be pissed on from a great height. And then, in 600 days, when the party is over and the money has been satisfactorily redistributed to the inner circle (they’re definitely not finished with that process yet), the 'help' comes in to clean up that post-party frat house mess. And the frat boys don't care who cleans it up, so long as it's ready for the next big blow-out. The Bush daughters are simply following in the footsteps of their elders. They, too, have staff to clean up after them in Argentina, New York and anywhere else they go. Will enough people get angry enough, soon enough to take to the streets and close down that party of reckless, irresponsible criminals? I have my doubts. The press, for example, is still fussing about John Edwards’ hair. Despite the wagging finger of GS, why shouldn’t Condi be thinking about hair as well? If not hair, what else? Shopping? American Idol?

In the top pic, she looks tired. I hope.

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