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Jun 09, 2007

Eating It's Young. Falling On Sword. Whatever, Pace Is Gone.

The reason Puppy's Peter's out, in just two pictures:




(Oh yeah, more writing on the wall: 1, 2.)

(image 1 unattributed.  image 2: Shawn Thew/European Pressphoto Agency. Washington. April 16, 2006.


#1 Rummy clearly shows his nature to strangle any dissent in Iraq or for that matter anywhere. While Pace is showing restraint and giving bit more space. Both convey so much confidence that it is going to work! Hey it did not work.
#2 Rummy is at this point ready to shoot, while Pace's face is full of dismay, lips closed together, because thou shall obey and not tell you story! After all you did it before. Pace it is a funeral!

You know, photo #2 of the Cheney, Gates, Bush, Rice and Pace at Crawford last December struck me at the time as peculiar, and not just for the dour faces. It had to do with Pace, and the fact that he was wearing civvies. I recall many photos of JCS's in casual uniform mode, but not civvies. Weird, but I didn't think much more about it.

With Pace's letter in support of Scooter Libby, penned May 21st and released this week just days before Gates released him, I think the civilian get-up deserves another look. At best, it was a highly unorthodox and profoundly political act for an active-duty general in wartime to join a campaign of leniency for a convicted White House felon. Perhaps the civilian garb at Crawford represented Pace's self-indentification as a primarily political servant, rather than as a hands-on military general and strategist with troops in theater.

profoundly incapable as a man, perversely homophobic as a commander of men, he.

=> Befehl ist Befehl

I always felt Pace had a weak countenance, a more gentle person playing a role for which he was not suited. The verbal attack against homosexuals is part of that role-playing: pretending machismo. I also did not see in him the strong character of someone like Schwartzkopf or Powell, confident in their uniforms and their ideas, regardless of whether you agreed with them or not. And, for the older of us, who could forget Curtis Lemay, the stereotypical general! Since these folks are mostly symbolic in their roles, isn't that how we want our generals to look? As if they could knock you down with no more than a look?

It may simply be the angle of his head and the lighting in the pictures, but doesn't Pace look as though he is ill in the second one? He is pale, drawn, looks like he will fall down any second.... not a healthy man at all.

I rather like contemplating this image of General Pace as he contemplates the "Faces of the Fallen" exhibit at Arlington National Cemetery.

Is this too paranoid of a view?
The hidden agenda...setting up for a coup.
It is more about the military leadership in the US, rather than just leading war in Iraq. It has to be strong in supporting what was set into motion - new USA...
After all recent statements made by military and pentagon heads, that US will be staying in Iraq for a long time...That I thought should be decided by the people, no?


I think Pcae looks ill because he finally understood the depth of the incompetence of Rummy and how screwed we are as a result.


It's not paranoia if they're really out to get us.

To compliment Dave1's comment, Paranoia, properly defined, is merely the acute awareness of one's surroundings.

If the top US general quits because he's afraid of a few questions from a few politicians, won't that -- what's the word -- embolden The Enemy?

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