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Jun 02, 2007

Looking For Cover As Warming-Mania Sprouts




Well, shoot.  I was just thinking about the season's hot new (spin) color.  (As The Economist alleges: These days businesspeople are falling over each other to prove their greenness.)

(credits:  The Rob Esmay cartoon is from the May 14, 2007 issue of The New YorkerThe Economist cover, June 2nd 2007, is the latest. Why they can't give a photo or photo-illustration credit, as good as their stuff is, I can't tell you.)


Hmmm.... I'm not sure what sort of noxious weed that is growing on the cover, but I ain't gonna eat it.

On the other hand, must we always be so cynical? I am asking this of myself as much as anyone else, but even a token or trendy attempt at cleaning up is better than business as usual, isn't it?

I have no love for big corporations who are currently the true political power in this country, but at least business is a wee bit more responsive to mega-trends than the politicians they own. If business is beginning to pay attention, then legislation put through by their sock puppet representatives can't be too far behind.

Or am I jettisoning my usual cynicism for a hopeful stab at a tepid optimism? Hmmm... maybe it's just the satisfied feeling one gets after cleaning up a pile of junk that has been gathering dust in the basement. I sense a theme.

If photoshopping sprouts over an industrial scene and changing the sky's hue to an unnatural green color is the best they can do, then who's that going to impress?

It is nice that business is at least worried about it's green image, but if they paint the commercials green while the carbon polution is still pumping into the air then good luck reversing the global warming problem.

Something with teeth has to enforce a serious restriction - huge, actual cuts in usage and polution. Guess what... we're focused on business but it's going to come down to the ... CONSUMER [horror, gasp] to make any difference.

(Get that bicycle out of the basement, LG... that's what we need you to dust off.)

I'm hoping global warming will bring back huge plants and DINOSAURS!!!!

The smokestacks are turning into freakishly large pea sprouts and the sky is Irish Spring Green.

Is this scene before or after business "tackles" climate change? Is the cover supposed to indicate an improvement in "climate" (albeit a scary, unnatural-looking improvement) or the end of the world?

Green doesn't always translate as a positive.

"Can't we just make crackers out of the smoke?"

When I first saw the picture, I thought they were some kind of birds trying to soar, but unable to, because they were tied down. It took me a minute to realize that they were plants sprouting.

Speed Stick Irish Spring! That's classic.

Don't want to "break the thread," but I've been wanting -- for a couple weeks now -- to say how thoroughly I've been appreciating your comments. Not that I'm not an interested party or anything, but blogging is hard work (take that, GDub!) and your thoughts, quips and even anagrams have been a total pleasure, as well as high octane blogging fuel. (Is it just me, or is everybody in/on/at The BAG getting a lot funnier?)

Quick notes: ...I'm heading back to the States in early July with a 3 week stopover in NY. I'm hoping the moving around won't mess with my output much. Will just have to see. ...I'm writing an article for a new journal to be published in conjunction with Yearly Kos about, what else? Yep, visual politics. I'll also be there and look forward to meeting you in person. ...Finally, sorry about the spam attack, much of it coming straight from the swamp. I'm leaning hard on Typepad -- and deleting as fast as I can.


'Godzilla vs. the Sprouts.'

TE must have started allowing the graphics team take summer holiday. This cover is not good – well I don't like it. If it says nature will be able to make a come back, then it also says nature has mutated into a monster. If that's a sprout, what's the plant going to look like?

... The illustration looks unreal, so the headline does too.

There is an exaggeration of the sprouts' perspective as they are made smaller and smaller receding into the distance. In a piece I read in April, TE omitted a few words from a story on a current American political controversy, but the omissions changed the import of the entire article. Not remembering the exact words, what strikes me is how little needs to be done to something we view (or read) to significantly alter the final impression.

Green is a color of health and vitality only on plants. Green air means chlorine. If a person is green, it means they are seasick or nauseous.

"Greening" of cities is important when it means actually planting trees and vegetation. It will help cool things off and restore greenhouse gasses.

But I don't think "green" is a good word to adopt for, say, water pollution issues. We want greener water? Yuck! Who wants greener water? Would you drink water that was green?

If you looked outside and saw green air, wouldn't you lock the doors and close the windows? I would.

Honestly, the cover of TE doesn't portray something that seems desirable. Do you want to see that image become reality?

Cleaning up? Yeah, companies are cleaning up alright - riding the latest trendy marketing gimmick for all its worth.
Alas, like all things fashionable, this too will pass.
Doctor Jay (is that like 'Dr' Laura?) FYI: "sustainable" has replaced "green", and even "high performance" has replaced "sustainable". Gotta stay on top of the buzzwords, Doc.

Speaking of big business, I am outraged that National Lampoon is considering making a film on the Islamic belief of 72 Virgins… a comedy film. I think this is a sign of how far Hollywood has fallen when we turn to attacking groups for their religious beliefs and pass it off as cinema.
Here is the trailer for evidence;

John Gordon

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