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Jun 01, 2007

Will Ferrell Shows Bush The Greenhouse

Nobody objectifies GWB better than WF.

And if you just have to see how pathetically close the Ferrell piece compares to the real thing, check out this AP video of Bush's  bumbling, sight-read, so-called "green awakening" yesterday.

(video: youtube via TBS comedy special "Earth to America")


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WF is always very funny, and his Bush impersonation is getting better and better.

I also checked out the link...that was the stiffest Bush speech ever. If you stop it at 1:01, he's leaning so far away from the microphone it looks like he's going to walk away altogether.

~after Holderlin's(unfinished)"Empedocles"

GWB actually seems disgusted and completely blasé during this speech, as though he finds the words coming out of his mouth completely unfamiliar and pointless.

Contrast to how fascinating Gore can make a subject like climate change, and it is truly sad.

What an idiot the Supreme Court appointed. What an idiotic country we live in.

Is it me, or does Chimpy sound ANGRY in that AP speech? Like he resents having to give it in the first place?

After four sentences, his sing-song cadence with the witless emphasis on the last WORD was really, really getting to me. I also loved the self-congratulatory smirk when he finished that extra-long sentence toward the end.

He's phoning his Preznidentin' in at this point. He's tired of playing. It ain't no fun anymore, but he can't walk away from it the way he did his other failed ventures, "War Czar" or no.

Chimpy always sounds angry or irritated - he always has a "Angry Dad", kind of hectoring style. Like he has to bully you into accepting his word.

Bush HOPES to walk away from it all when you factor in his purchase of 100,000 acres in Paraguay, which really has the citizens of that country is a tizzy.

"Some have speculated that he might be trying to wrestle control of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest underground water reserves, from the Paraguayans."

It's pretty much the same "I got mine, screw you" attitude we've seen since 1980. It's just that the "screw you" part has become a much bigger threat to us and all future generations.

Source of South American Land Grab:,,1928928,00.html

"After four sentences, his sing-song cadence with the witless emphasis on the last WORD was really, really getting to me."

I was also struck by the EMPHASIS on certain words. I figured his people had those words highlighted, undercored, and/or in bold print to coach him on what needed to be STRESSED.

Note that Bush's deadline for making all these changes occurs after he's not President any more.

"The US is in the lead"

oh bite me!

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