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Sep 28, 2007

Saving Planets Earth


Bush Outlines Proposal on Climate Change - link.

(image: Chris Greenberg/White House.  Washington. September 28, 2007.


The two worlds show america and asia, no sign of europe in this climate change "conference". Coincidence?

Energy Security?

Is this the first time this has been mentioned? Are they going to gradually come out with a new theme:

"Actually, it really was only about the oil, but here's why that's important"

With energy prices grinding higher, I think the politicians are just playing for time, waiting for energy prices to get gas prices to get high enough to get the average Americans attention. The they can say "isn't it a good thing we built these permanent bases here in Iraq"? Theh everybody can stop playing word games about pull-outs.

By that time, maybe the Americans won't care that the country has been turned into hell on earth for the locals, primarily I assume to drive the locals (or at least the ones who are involved in the oil infrastructure) out.

just wondering if theres a correlation between them what secures us and them what pollutes us

"As the saying goes, facts are many but the truth is one. The truth is that the U.S. military is the single largest consumer of energy in the world. But as a wise man once said, don't confuse facts with reality. The reality is that even U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) does not know precisely where and how much energy it consumes. This is my Fact Zero."

If those worlds could collide, they could smash the little twit's head....

I wouldn't worry,... there is a surplus of corn oil, ethanol, woohoo! We actually are secure. A chicken in every pot and a little corn garden in every back yard.

ref : “ security theater

Daniel Ellsberg, 'A Coup Has Occurred' : “I think that the successors to this regime are not likely to roll back the assault on the Constitution. They will take advantage of it, they will exploit it...

...Will Hillary Clinton as president decide to turn off NSA after the last five years of illegal surveillance? Will she deprive her administration her ability to protect United States citizens from possible terrorism by blinding herself and deafening herself to all that NSA can provide? I don’t think so.

=> Congress Quietly Approves Billions More for Iraq War :

Under the guise of a stop-gap spending bill that is simply supposed to keep the government running until a long-delayed appropriations process is completed -- probably in November -- the Congress has just approved a massive increase in war funding.

The move was backed by every senator who cast a vote, save one: Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, the maverick Democrat who has led the fight to end the war and bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, was on the losing end of the 94-1 vote. (The five senators who did not vote: all presidential candidates [elsewhere occupied])

In the House, the continuing resolution passed by a vote of 404 to 14, with 14 other members not voting ...of the 2008 presidential candidates, only Republican Paul and Democrat Kucinich voted against giving the Bush administration a dramatic -- if not particularly well publicized -- infusion of new money for the war.

Bush is such a convenient boogeyman, BAGman ~ i know it must be tempting to stay so fixated on Him. But... it's time to MoveOn, man: posting BushHead targets like 'the bullseye is between the two orbs!' for folks to hurl their hurt is... well, IS there any other point?

BAG: "Gee, I *HATE* this sick f*ck!" reply #420: "Me, Too!"

the enitre netroots (of which the BAG is a vital part) is in turmoil; just tune in to dKos... everyone was focused on supporting the Democratic Party = overthrowing the Republicans. OK, done. wow... country's STILL FUBAR (!) there's the {gulp!} i daresay AIPAC = Jewish Problem; and we gotta unwind a what, ~$12 billion USD fiscal printing press run amok War Economy; and Gonzo's payin' $3.34 a gallon to fill up her red Dyke-On-Bike with, what *IS* it, anyway, corn oil? good grief Charlie Brown, GetOverIt. GetOverHim! Everybody post: "F*ck Bush!" in one fell swoop and let's MoveOn, folks : nothing new to see, hear here.

“We must lead the world to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and we must do it in a way that does not undermine economic growth or prevent nations from delivering greater prosperity for their people.” Is that the environmental version of "y'all just go on shopping and let us worry about the heavy stuff?"

Rice stated, the US is "...willing to lead the international effort to reduce emissions of gases..." --well, that is unless it involves reducing US consumption of oil and if it protects our right to drive Hummers on city streets.

She also mentioned, "...Bush’s insistence that the solution could not starve emerging economies of fuel..." Well, except for Iraq and Iran and Syria and ........ Darfur? Ya' see, that's the job of the US.

Bush stated the US "...has invested more than $2.5 billion in clean-coal technology since 2001..." Does that include shutting down the Crandall Canyon mine with the buried miners?

"Many delegates from the 16 nations at the conference expressed skepticism about the administration’s motives, fearing that Mr. Bush was trying to derail a global emissions-reduction program managed by the United Nations." Gee, ya think? The rest of the world knows not to believe anything Bush says. Would that people in this country could learn that lesson.

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