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Oct 29, 2007

Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll


I'm amused by the latest way John McCain chose to frame Hillary Clinton in relation to what he was doing during Woodstock.  (Here's the video.)

In terms of visual analogy, McCain prompts us to imagine that the spinning hippie girl, celebrating the "cultural and pharmaceutical event," is Hillary Clinton herself. 

In the never ending culture wars, McCain is tying Hillary to a historical left fringe, also questioning her balance every which way.  As much as the right likes to stereotype the left as unhinged, overly radical, and dangerously emotional, however, the symbolism here -- read in a contemporary political context -- actually skews the other way.

The drug analogy?  The biggest user who comes to mind these days is Rush Limbaugh.  That favorite 60's transportation vehicle, the yellow school bus?  If anything, it pulls for connection to "No Child Left Behind."  And, free love and sex as a cultural threat?  Well, look no further than David Vitter and Larry Craig.

If that's how the Repugs translate the spirit of Woodstock, maybe that museum is not such a bad idea after all.



At the time McPain was "tied up", Hillary was a Goldwater Girl. I wish those Hanoi peasants who fished him out of that lake had let him sink.

a most excellent cheap shot by mccain. of all of the friggin presidential candidates, hillary clinton is the least likely to have attended woodstock -- or partake of any drugs passed around.

but you can bet cindy mccain was that type of girl.

I'd rather have our leaders spend 1 million dollars on a Woodstock museum than 1 or 2 Trillion (that's a million million, btw) dollars on Torture, terror and more war.

McCain is just one more a$$clown who thinks WAR is more beneficial to society than art, music, dancing, playing, enjoying, family, freedom, liberty, health, education, or general well-being.

Oh, but what about the terrorists, you ask? Afraid of Jihadi Terrorists? STOP CREATING THEM !!

Well, Hillary was no longer a Goldwater Girl in '69--as evidenced by her graduation speech.

And I sure don't think she was ever a Woodstock type

But maybe McCain can rationalize this kind of thing in his aging mind. He also made a really nasty "joke" about Chelsea. Kind of explains the mindset.

McCain was an aerial war criminal, not a hero. We owe him nothing in the way of gratitude for his "service".

Chris, a year or so ago I spent a considerable amount of time researching John McCain's Vietnam record. I recorded the number of flights and estimated the total tonnage of bombs he dropped.
Its destructive and people killing power was impressive by any standard, its on the BAG somewhere.
Designating him as "an aerial war criminal" is most appropriate.

Looks to me like that is a Sunday School Bus.

And with an STP sticker, it's an early connection to what has become a current Nascar frenzy.

So, maybe those are Jesus/Nascar Freaks.

... this ad feeds into a very real characterization that conservatives have about Bill and Hllary, which started with Bill's "I didn't inhale" line that nobody believed. The Clinton's do have a sex, drugs and rock and roll image and this McCain ad is a glimpse of what is rolling down the mountainside towards her. It will be interesting to watch her reaction to the Swift Boat attacks. I don't think it will be anything like Mr. Internet/OzoneMan Gore and The FlipFlopper/Phony Hero Kerry. She will know how to overcome these amateurish McCain versions. The inevitable Rovarian Surge is another matter.

I also think this attack is hypocritical of McCain who pandered for so much sympathy in 2004 over he Fathered a Black Baby smear campaign in South Carolina. He has proven himself to be the worst kind of political opportunist,.... ummmm, sort of exactly like Bush.

Yeah, HRC, the former AuH2O Girl, was a serious-as-hell student at Wellesley, on her way to Yale Law.

A must see for John McCain.

Sir ! No Sir ! - The GI Revolt (Full BBC Documentary 48.00 min)

" By 1971, as this skilfully made film shows, discontent was widely reported by the network news. Activists created newspapers, organised protests - and, most conspicuously, went to see Jane Fonda perform in the vicinity of various military bases. From our present-day perspective, what comes through most clearly is the passionate patriotism of most of these GIs hostile to the war. They loved America but they just didn't see why they should be in Vietnam.

If copyright becomes an issue on this video upload, it will be deleted immediately."


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