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Oct 05, 2007

No Banner Left Behind


With all the skirmishing going on around Bush's veto of the SCHIP legislation, the Decider's photo op in the Bronx two weeks ago seems to loom ever larger.  Yes, it's hypocrisy, but it is such a an accomplished piece of hypocrisy.

But because everybody is pushing back on Bush now, even the kids, I thought it was worthwhile to show you an out-take, or a newswire shot of the same cast of characters that didn't circulate because it wasn't, umm, fictitious enough.


In this version, we've got Bush set up for one shot with the two girls, while simultaneously setting up another shot shaking the boys hand, but then, also looking at something else.  He's like a three-time serial poser. 

Let's go back to the "winning" shot for a minute, though.

First (by virtue of the second shot), the absence of Laura is notable.  One thing that makes the top shot so warm and fuzzy then is that "the robot" isn't in it.  And with Laura out of the picture, Bush -- who, in shooting down children's health care legislation in opposition to even a big GOP block, might be more accurately seen as the bad father -- can neutralize that persona by leaving out his wife, embracing the females and, in that stereotypical nurturing and submissive (if somewhat stilted ) pose, come off like the good mother.  (I realize, by the way, that this photo preceded SCHIP, but all the dynamics were already in play.)

Then, I imagine the better move -- not just for the Prez's own policy health, but for the fact that the boys were definitely left behind or aside -- especially the boy who is ignored, though his hand is resting on Bush's shoulder -- was to also just leave the banner out of it.

Curious too, by the way, with this play-it-safe White House, is how Bush has essentially given up posing with anyone not in uniform.

(images: Charles Dharapak/A.P.  September 26, 2007.  Bronx, New York)


The predominance of dark-skinned children is striking. If the left side of the "winning" photo were futher cropped, we wouldn't see the light face of the young man whose hand had been clasped by the President in the other version.

Just to note, a young fellow in cardigan and tie is included in the same close grouping, so not all the boys are in the back. The jostling to set up the arrangements must have been something to see!

Am I mistaken, but is the entire backdrop also fake? It does not seem to be a real chalboard with a banner, but rather a projection.

The BAG says 'Bush has essentially given up posing with anyone not in uniform.'
That's not what I observe in these pics. Although they may not be military attire, wearing these outfits in my opinion tends to promote other uniformed dress and uniformity in behavior as *befits the needs of the state*

Noting the tartan clad girls I recall A.S. Neil's Summerhill School, and a quote "that none of his students ever joined the military."

jt, I think that's what the BAG is saying—the kids are in uniforms. Bush likes posing with people in uniforms, and avoids people who are not, because those types could be dangerous free-thinkers.

They couldn't possibly care less about kids if they tried. Vetoing health care for kids - what a total asshat this moron is.

ouch! but thanks, demit

ref : “Bush has essentially given up posing with anyone not in uniform.


brilliant insight to make this, of all possible observable connections, Michael: BRAVO!

Is there a listing of the personnel who make the decisions regarding these photos? It seems to me that we should know the names of the visual propagandists. Maybe there is a group photo of "them". You know "they". The one's making the decisions on the photos that are being analyzed. Who photographs the photographers of this administration.

HE'S A MONSTER. Denying kids just like these healthcare is the LEAST of his offences. I'm sorry, but I just read the NYT piece on the newest secret "legal opinions" advocating TORTURE and I'm outraged.

These people shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children because they should be IN JAIL forEVER !!

After seven years of GWB photo-ops, I have learned to always start by asking what message is being coded for his base. What struck me in the "winner" photo is the position of GWB head and shoulders. He is in a C-curve of devotion. The loving father, eh? That of course reminds me of another loving">">loving man who was sacrificed by liberals.

Random and off-topic, but I had a glimpse into the mind of Bush's loyal base in a column by a conservative hack for the Minneapolis newspaper. The subject is the lawlessness of bicycle riders participating in a Critical Mass manifestation. The article is full of hostility and fear caused by people behaving in unexpected ways. I mention this because of the discussion about uniforms; Whether on school children, 9/11 first responders or military personnel, uniforms provide a sense of security that the person wearing the uniform will conform to safe, expected roles.

These children of color who are not being left behind...they love GWB. They aren't going to feel anger or threaten us in any way. See how clean and orderly they are? He cares so much for them.

I think we should all start behaving in unexpected ways. It scares the hell out of the asshats ruining our country. (Great link, PTate.)

People who have met him report different things, but I always see the same thing in pictures (and then write the same comment here. Sorry, y'all).

I am always astounded by how little personal charisma he seems to evidence. Even little kids aren't drawn by him. They don't incline their bodies to him; they don't circle or face him; they're distracted by the photographer; they can follow instructions to face front, their bodies aren't betraying their real interest. Honestly, they would display more wide-eyed awe and open-mouthed adoration for any random firefighter. (Granted, a firefighter is a high bar to clear, but still.) How did a man with so little personal power and charisma that he cannot enspell fifth graders get to be president?

How did such a little man become president? Because, Megan, he stole it. With the help of a stacked Supreme Court.

Aside from the insincerity and obvious stagecraft, there is another theme in this triangular posing of GWB over the children: The Pietà, the most famous of which is by Michaelangelo.

The structure of pietà is triangular, with Mary's head at the vertex, cradling her crucified son in her arms (examples here - It translates loosely to piety or pity.

I cannot ignore the emotional manipulation inherent in the quasi-religious overtones and continued association of that creature with anything good.

This is remarkably petty, but the top picture scares me. It's very visceral, but in that top picture, you can't see Bush's pupils. His eyes are completely black, like some movie villian out of a horror or fantasy flick. It makes me feel like he's some sort of unnatural creature who's going to leap out of the picture and suck your soul.


Ten minutes after this photo, bush sold the kids into slavery.

Every time I see a picture of Bush hugging or shaking hands with a black person it reminds me of his appearance at either the naval or the Air Force academy right after his first stolen election/inauguration.

A young man had the dubious honor of being the graduate with the lowest grade point average and was receiving a special award for that achievement. Bush was on stage making the presentation. The young man came running up to the stage, threw his arms around bush, all the while jumping up and down with excitment. Bush stood frozen with the most incredibly stupid look on his face. When the young man let go of him bush stepped back & obviously without thinking brushed his jacket sleeves & then wiped his hands on his pants legs as though the young man had rubbed something on him.

That told me just about everything I needed to know about bush.

Sick pictures. Could children be used any more as props. Kind of funny taking into account the Republican attack of the children that support SCHIP for chilrens health care (viciously attacked). The Bush couple look fake, and that odd look just scream that this is the christmas morning of getting great looking kids for a photo op. Only thing Bush likes better is when he has a cod piece or you can see a cannon between his legs in the background.

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