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Dec 07, 2007

"...And Next Week, I'm Planning A Live, Nationally-Televised Speech On Mormonism"


If JFK's people back in 1960 had only been half as smart as the Romney people yesterday, who knows how much better Kennedy's famous address at the Greater Houston Ministerial Association might have been.

NYT video report on Romney show at the Bush library.  Video of Romney speech here. Video/transcript of Kennedy meeting here.  (Shorter except here.)

(Revised 10am PST)

(image 1: LM Otero/AP. George H.W. Bush Library.  College Station, Texas, Dec. 6, 2007. via YahooNews. screen shots now: nytimes multimedia.  screen shots then: via  September 12, 1960.  Houston, TX.)


"ich bin ein morMon!"

Why does Mama Bush always look like she is sniffing out farts? Or is she looking for food?

She's trying to destroy the cameras with the lasers she shoots out of her giant forehead.

Well, at least they didn't display the Christian cross on the stage like they did at the last Republican presidential convention. Very curious to see if they will try that again next year.

last hurrah of the last "Republicans".

say, "Hello" to the new Christian Democrats, America.

When I first heard that Bush Pere introduced Mitt for this religious confirmation, I thought it was smart of Mitt because he could use the cache' of the ex-pres for this oh-so-solemn event. When I saw the presidential seals all over the place I figured that was what he was have the public see him 'with' the seal. But something kept nagging at the back of my brain. This morning it hit.......did daddy make a deal with Mitt (who already has a ton of rovians on his staff, hear tell) to make Jeb his VP? Otherwise, I can't imagine why daddy would do this; what else could be in it for him?

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