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Dec 29, 2007

Did Someone Say "Grassy Knoll?"


By the day after the Bhutto assassination, the JFK analogy seemed to be proving out in a more definitive way.

The American media demonstrated an almost voyeuristic interest in the shooting, publishing x-rays of Bhutto's brain and photos of the bloody interior of the car.  "Zapruder-like" video footage and still frames of the slow moving motorcade drew attention to questions about the crime, including whether more than one assailant was involved, including a possible second gunman.

Not being "our" loss, the fascination seems perverse, unless one considers the event as partially activating (or, reactivating) one of the most visceral and visual events in modern American political history.  With the dynastic nature of the Bhutto family, and Benazir's charisma and attractiveness also evoking Kennedy parallels, perhaps -- for a more self-centered, "CSI-centric" American audience -- the easiest way to relate to this story is in terms of dejavu.

Bhutto's Last Moments (Video/Hot Air via Wonkette)
Three Causes of Death in 36 Hours (CNN)
Bhutto's Skull X-Ray, Bloody Vehicle (HuffPo)

(image: REUTERS/REUTERS TV.  December 28, 2007.  via YahooNews.  caption: This combination photograph of TV grabs from footage released by the Pakistan Interior Ministry on December 28, 2007 shows (clockwise from top left) a sequence of shots fired near former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto's vehicle after an election rally in Rawalpindi.)


Wherever there is doubt about the truth, conspiracy theory breathes heavy. Hard to believe how little anyone was interested in an autopsy.

Ah! the unknown known scenario. I refer mainly to an unusually frank CNN piece! proximate to journalism: almost. If what we are about too gracefully recieve is analysis, then in the words of the leader, "..bring it on".

Pause for thought a while. Consider the implications and the implecants. Who might benefit from the removal of a potent political foe? Adversary who was very likely to expose the abdject failure of layered political systems of patronage. Eight years of military rule: propped up by bent weapons accounting and the sort of industrial production of the sort of narcotics that I believe should be 'scripted only.

I dont remember Kennedy death. Any of them. I have an inkling of the multiple losses around this recent asassination though. family even maybe. Another twenty folk: possibly. Off-white, largely grist.

Look into your hearts deeply American people. Personally, I hold your values sweetly, willingly and perchance as some possible blueprint. I also worry about some of the creationism (sic) involved.

More dead people. Eh?

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