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Dec 09, 2007

Peek Of The Hil


If you appreciate a good news image as much as The BAG does, December offers, well, just about everybody's list of "the best photos of the year."  This is from Reuters which has been circulating its own "nominees" for about a week now.

The shot is from last January's State of the Union.  Given the Clinton - Obama fireworks in Iowa, however, the image reflects a different state of affairs now than it did then.  (The conventional wisdom, up until recently, shaped up more like this.)  Expressive of footing and standing, fixation and connection (or lack of it), the image not only speaks of the current momentum (consider this versus this from yesterday), but adds its own bit of fuel.

(image: Larry Downing/Reuters. Washington. January 23, 2007.  via


We'd live in a boring world if only flattering angles were allowed on politicians.

But am I the only one who finds this offensive? I mean, women are shorter than men. Deal with it.

How would we react if the lighting was such that Obama's face was lost in a dark blob of shadow ... and then people made a deeply significant thing out of it?

The photography ought to reflect some truth about the candidate(s). Not that way too many people still have their heads up their asses.

Women are behind men even in the West. This is new?

BWA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA, ha ha HA HA HA! ha ha ha.


*wipes tears from eyes* damn, that's a funny picture. Now, I'm every bit as misogynist as the next guy. And I hope that anyone but Hillary wins the nomination, because I'm convinced that she's really the only candidate who could lose to whoever the GOP nominee is, even if they manage to shoot themselves in all three feet and pick Rudy. She really is the only Democratic candidate who inflames hatred and rage in a significant part of the other party, and she can only hurt the overall Democratic agenda by staying in the race. She should withdraw, for the good of the party and the nation.

By all rights, the focus should have been on Obama. As the focus is on him now. This race is his to lose.

The lights shining on her, he's the smeared image. He's the temporary block that's keeping her from smooth sailing, and she looks like an angel. And I love it that she drives Hannity and bubba crazy - they can stay home or vote for the party that's gone down the tubes.

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