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Dec 17, 2007

The Reason I'm Not Posting The Bush 2007 Holiday Card...


is not just because of the blatant religiosity, but also to protest the green propaganda.

You see, the Bush's didn't just do a card this year.  Rather, they created a whole holiday website co-opting the theme of America's national parks and environmentalism.

Reflecting Laura and George's developmental delay, there is a special Barney HolidayCam as well as a childlike 2007 Holiday Program depicting the different rooms of the White House and how they exhibit or reflect something nice about America's parks, natural history and ecology.

Because they published the booklet in PDF form, what I've elected to offer you is the inside back cover.  Although the exact White House location is not identified, here is the text that I.D.'s the image:

Another source of inspiration for all who see it is Mount Rushmore National Memorial, where the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are carved into the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota. These four presidents embody the spirit of freedom “until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away,” as the memorial’s sculptor Gutzon Borglum said.  Below Barbara Bush’s portrait sits a terra cotta replica of Mount Rushmore sculpted by Eric Baisas.

All I can say is, even compared to Cheney's holiday greeting card last year, this raises Bush narcissism to a whole new level.

Can you break this down for me a little bit?

White House 2007 Hallmark Holiday Card link

The Bush Holiday website link, featuring:
the 2007 Holiday Program
Holiday in the National Parks Ornaments Slide Show link;
Barney Cam VI : Holiday in the National Parks link;
Presidents In The National Parks link

(illustration: Michael Glenn Monroe/


First glance. I had this up as Sutherland-esque image of 'our' titular Liz. (Regina - not Taylor- incase you were fretting too much American peeps!) There is a deal of art history contained within this though: wish I was contiguent to qualify more. I am not. Would be very suprised to discover that there arnt folks of the Bag who can.

The image appears regal: redolent of history. Placcid, passive: ordered. Naive nativity: if you like.

How far from the truthes some of the images that are levelled at us really are: 'I salute you, sir's' (sic)

Shows what the Bush family thinks of themselves. Think they are a lot better than even the Big Four. Egotistical, narcissistic b**tards. And Babs is the leader of this deluded, evil, destructive clan.

Babs will be above our great presidents and much bigger than them only in her dreams. Get ready to haul that fugly picture out of OUR White House, Junior boy....

the real owners are fixing to evict your a**, squatter king!

Wow. i paged through the pdf and was, at most, underwhelmed. It looks like a rather mediocre childrens' book. The chosen items are clumsily drawn - could anyone actually sit in those red chairs? - and without texture. I can't tell when looking at the detail of a tree ornament what material its made of - is it glass? is it a gourd? Two pine cones are, I think, supposed to be a real one shown next to a glass one, but they look the same. There's no texture to the cats fur, and what the heck are Barney and Beazley playing with in the snow?

There are no people shown - the only human faces are Babs and the stone presidents. The Mt. Rushmore faces are all looking away, and the only being that makes eye contact with the viewer is Barbara Bush. Even the animals ignore the viewer - they turn away, they focus on one another, they sleep. It's actually quite sad and creepy. It's like the White House is vacant, abandoned.

It's a cold, empty house, inhabited by lonely abandoned animals and presided over by a stern matriarch.

Wow. so I was wondering whether there really was a portrait of Babs that looked like that - so cold and unflattering and stern - in the WH.

is the portrait of Barbara Bush that hangs in the White House.

The real portrait is relaxed, warm, her hair is soft, she's smiling, her hands are folded in her lap. There are flowers beside her. In the Christmas portrait she is upright, on alert, unsmiling. Her hair is stiffly waved and fixed in place. It's a real dog, not a photo, and she has her hand on the dog - maybe to pat it, but also perhaps it's leashed or restrained.

Who IS the woman in the Christmas program, anyway???? Is she "Mom" the way George sees her?

Oh, I read that first comment as "rodents of history". My mistake...

It took me a few seconds to figure out the bottom half of this picture. Why does Barbara Bush have one blue and one brown leg? No - why is a dog's nose between her legs? Oh, her legs are crossed.

This picture is just plain wierd - what a gross way to start the day. Time for the second cup of coffee.

Course you are right Donna. This is Norveticus Hogarth. The previous's First lady with tits gnawed off! Look at the scale of the hand: the juxtoposition of the walnutt burr. These are people who do composition, not contrition. For Christmas! How many Iraqi people needlessly died over the last year? Ditto. American troops. I ask you to consider whether it is simply contained within. I think it is. Marvellous!

She sure is prominently married, with that conspicuous ring in the center of it all.

While I find the art horrible, I'm not upset by the message. What's the big deal?

Meaning is always contextual. First question is what audience was this intended for, and what meaning was it intended to convey to this audience? Second, what meaning does it convey to the readers of this blog? What insight can we infer from the discrepancy?

The Bush family seems to be wishing to convey that they have the taste and sensibility of soppy juveniles.

This is appropriate.

By including that ugly portrait of bejeweled Queen Bush, and with no a corresponding portrait of Daddy Bush, dubya seems to be intent on showing us that he has some "parent issues".

This too is appropriate.

my god, it really *IS* pure Surrealism. you can feel the ghost of René Magritte putting his crayon conté in your hand, just begging you to scrawl : “ Ceci n'est pas une mère.

What the big deal is, Megan, they could have used a photo or painting of the ACTUAL Mt Rushmore to illustrate their point. They chose to highlight that portrait of the succubus looming over a Franklin Mint version.

I've never before seen Georgie's signature until I scrolled through the .pdf. While I understand that many of us have a scrawl for a signature, his looks like a child's that is just learning to write his name in cursive, and then misspelled the whole name. Big G, little g, and a whole bunch of letters after that.

The Barney Cam link is just plain stupid. It is doubtful the dogs are "marveling" at anything, much less the ornaments and decorations. I would've preferred a picture of the dogs pooping on the lawn like real dogs do. I wonder who cleans up the dog poop, anyway?

And regarding Mama...Just plain disturbing.

Me thinks most of the commenters above did not notice that the featured picture of Barbara Bush and the Rushmore fireplace were NOT the Bush Christmas card. Follow the link.

from the WH in this 'Peace on Earth' season...

I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace. - George W Bush my stocking stuffer for the C in C is a

Due to late breaking news I'm wondering if my proposed gift is still appropriate ?

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