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Dec 21, 2007

Ace Candidate

(click for those finer details)

TIME's Year In Images is out and I fixed immediately on this one.  ... By the way, didn't Romney say that his dad and Martin Luther King were once photographed shopping for dog carriers and landscaping equipment in the same hardware store?

TIME Year in Images
Romney Learns That ‘Facts Are Stubborn Things’ (NYT)

(h/t Chris. image: Brooks Kraft/Corbis for TIME.  New Hampshire.  2007.  via  Title: Everything A Man Needs. Caption: Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney visits a hardware store in Goffstown, New Hampshire.)


Facts should never get in the way of a good story.

Wasn't Jesse Jackson in that hardware store at the same time this photo was taken? I wonder if they decided to go there together???

For 45 years I've observed the NYT's presentation and exclusion of ' facts'. Discovering that 'the paper of record' knows, that facts may be stubborn things as well , I pay attention to what is not reported, and go from there. Sometimes I just end up thinking of something else,

Romney Learns That ‘Facts Are Stubborn Things, yes tis so, but taken collectively Mitt's are trivial compared to a crime which took 248 lives in 1988. GHW Bush's response was "I will never apologize for the United States of America, ever. I don't care what it has done. *I don't care what the facts are*.
He received a robust ovation from fellow Republican leaders for his "patriotic defense" of the Homeland.

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