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Jan 28, 2008

My Last Look At A Bush SOTU, Thank God





I grabbed these myself, right off the screen.

Because, what I wanted to remember was that unformed conscience...  that complete adolescent just lingering, lingering, lingering in that chamber, going absolutely nowhere, signing autograph after autograph after autograph, sucking the last spotlight.

SOTU '07 Wrap Up: Jim, Nancy, George, Hillary, Barack, Dennis, Chris, Wesley, Laura and More (1/24/07)
State Of The Union In Pictures (2/1/06)
State of the Union Show (2/2/05)

(screen grabs via CNN.  State of the Union. Washington.)


Wonderful screen shots - especially the third where, if you look closely, you can tell that the chamber pretty much has emptied out (this did not go unnoticed by the pundits on NBC, btw).

No gauntlet of well-wishers, looking for face time with this president.

Instead, those seeking an autograph on their pre-printed SOTU program. How many of them were seeking mementos in the same way as you took these screenshots?

sic transit gloria mundi

Good shots Bagman...Condi in the background as room empties out. How can these people live with themselves?

What a little jerk he is.

And who did he keep looking at (off to his right) and smiling, winking, chuckling with, throughout the whole speech? Sam Alito?

I found it especially offensive that he laughed, smirked and giggled during darn near every round of applause.

The subject matter was hardly laugh-worthy.

He disgusts me.

The press of the crowd around the great man, excitement abounds! Sure lucky the camera operator found a place close to the action otherwise we'd never found out how much electricity follows this president around. Wonder who'll sell more autographs in 2010, President Bush or OJ?

That boy sure loves him his attention.

The boy in the bubble even when surrounded by sycophants. Notice the moody blue look on his chief enabler Kindasleazy? And that chimplike bay and snicker on view for us all. The economy collapsing around him and we get his indigestion-like regurgitation of the same old boogey men. He makes my flesh crawl.

Vermont has the right idea. Indict him and Cheney and arrest them as they come into the state, for various and sundry offenses which I do not need to repeat a list of here.

It was a most disappointing political performance. Watching the pre-programmed robo-representatives play jack-in-the-box, popping up to applaud, or sinking back into their seats, provided a vivid snapshot of the state of our government. We need a President and a national agenda we can all be proud of.

The last image is the most compelling for me. Besides the creepiness, my first impression was that Bush is wearing a Pat Robertson mask. The "men in robes" also reminded me of a satanic ritual. Perhaps it is, and America has been the ultimate sacrifice.

Okay, I'll get right on top of that, james.

ANYWAY, I am wondering where the groupies (gropies?) are. I remember a past series of pictures where some Republican bimbette - er, Congressperson - was holding George's shoulder in a talon-like vise grip in order to keep herself in the frame with him. Not even a gropie this year, huh W? How far the mighty have fallen.

BTW, those autographs might go for a pretty penny on eBay for a while. There are still some folk out there who think W is the bee's knees.

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