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Jan 07, 2008

Our Man In New Hampshire #3: McCain/Lieberman '08

This is the third in a series of campaign dispatches from photojournalist and BNN Contributer Alan Chin.  These shots were taken on Friday at the Derry Town Hall. It was the event where McCain responded to a question about the Iraq occupation by warning of a 100 year commitment.

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The preliminaries


Notice Lieberman also toting a microphone.  Although the press seemed to ignore it, the event in Derry was as much a joint appearance.  Chin notes that Lieberman held the floor almost as long as McCain.  Alan adds:  " Lieberman stands at McCain's side like some ghost of electoral perversity.  Imagine the thought of the vice presidential loser of one political party repeating the feat for the other party?

Obama's is not the only one who has been rocking the youth vote. Although he's been an insider almost forever, McCain's M.O. as a maverick has been creating buzz also.

Cindy McCain

McCain does everything he can to plays on his military record, and specifically, his POW status -- even though he's been a pinball on the Iraq war.





McCain's strategy, dramatically different from most other candidates, is to provide abundant access. If the press loves it -- helping explain why his coverage, at least since Iowa, has been so stellar -- the downside, as a NYT article described this week, is that typically, McCain is overly blunt and oppositional with these town hall audiences.

McCain: "Make it 100! (video: YouTube)
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Next Up: Barack Obama

(All images courtesy Alan Chin.  Derry, New Hampshire.  January 4, 2007  Used by permission)


All together now..."100 more years! 100 more years!"

Liebermans wearing tan desert boots, so maybe he's hankering to be a Centurion too?

Meet the McCainiacs!

It's encouraging to know that Sen. Joe Quislingman has the reverse Midas touch; everything he touches turns to crap.

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