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Jan 04, 2008

You Can Have One Or The Other, But Not Both

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Bill-Concerns“Hillary says she’ll change things, but then voters see Bill and hear them talk about the 1990s, and it’s clear that the Clintons are not offering change but rather Clinton Part 2....”

As the Clinton braintrust tries to reel in the kids, this shot from Nashua frames the problem.

Quote from: A Campaign Retools to Seek Second Clinton Comeback (NYT)

(image: Mike Segar/Reuters. January 4, 2008.  New Hampshire. via


This generation doesn't like work and experience. The kids today are much lazier than when I was young. Bill Clinton worked all night and even when he was doing stuff with Monica, he was on the phone making call to congressmen. I doubt these kids want to work 60 or 70 hours a week plus like I did and do. The two together look like an oxymoron. And none of them like history and introspection. They don't want to have to think about the 20th century. It is all now and celebrity. Operah and Ryan Seacrest and Britany spears would look more congruous. Now, I may be wrong about these particular kids, but that is what the image makes me think of.

I think Bill Clinton is a very big part of Hillary's attraction. People know she was a large part of his administration and I think alot of people regret that they did not go out and vote in larger margins for Al Gore because they assumed that he would win.

I think that is a very large reason the campaign got started so early. People are so very over the Bush Admin and want it to end as soon as possible. Figuratively and literally. Public interest/media are trying to lame duck and/or impeach the current admin by focusing on 2008 and beyond.

Clinton certainly always assured us he was working hard, had never worked harder (said about many things) etc. That fact that he received a phone call while getting oral sex is usually seen as a sign that he was not truly working. It's kind of unusual but amusing to see it the other way around as Maxstar does. In this picture the kids look natural but he is striking the pose of Rodin's Thinker.

I think this generation would like to see a president other than a Bush or a Clinton, since that's all they've seen in their lifetimes!

To me the kids all look like they used to believe in Hillary and now they suddenly don't...and the look at Bill by the guy in the hat seems to be saying, and I don't think I belive in you anymore either.

And they are not "lazy" - they simply have interests other than money, which their boomer parents can't seem to understand.

Oh yeah...and the guy's sign is down and off to the side too. Kind of prophetic.

My grandfather used to say that "kids today," meaning my generation, were loud and undisciplined, and didn't care about hard work like his generation did. Now I am 43 and you sound like my grandfather, Maxstar.

As far as the Clintons are concerned, I was supporting Hillary until Bill started tagging along with her, because I admired the way she could stand up on her own. Now that the argument is "back to the '90s with Bill and Hill" I'm starting to lean to Obama.

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