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Jan 20, 2008

Your Turn: Hallowed Be Thy Name


I saw this on Saturday's front page, and I've got some questions:

Is Mike "just" signing autographs?  What does this say about Huck's character?  Doesn't the book have something to say about this?  How does the pic square with the headline?  Also, isn't that kid just the picture of our celebrity culture?

There's also this (another angle on above), and this.

Between Pulpit and Podium, Huckabee Straddles Fine Line (NYT)

(image: Yana Paskova/NYT. South Carolina.  January, 2007. The New York Times.  linked image 1: Alex Brandon/AP.  Sumter, S.C.  January 15, 2008.  linked 2: Alex Brandon/A.P.  Lexington, S.C.  January 15, 2008.  via YahooNews)


Fundamentalism in Amerika on rise... something other candidates have to catch up to and they don't seem to be doing that bad, after all the occupation in Iraq is certifying that!

Is this the new "kissing babies"?

A Bible autographed by a presidential candidate; now there's a keepsake, something to treasure. Boy howdy I think such a valuable artifact should be displayed prominently and lovingly, like an idol. Not one of them false idols either.

That boy is a photogenic data point outlining the 21st century "love that dare not speak its name". Betcha all four of his grandparents were registered Democrats.

Somehow I don't consider wanting to replace the Constitution with the bible 'straddling a fine line.' Before I was an atheist, I actually went to a religious school. They carefully taught us the rules for handling the flag (it was WWII) and the bible. Having your bible autographed by presidential candidates was not mentioned. If I were a christian, especially a bible belt christian, some stranger signing the bible would truly be offensive. One wonders why this doesn't occur to the Huckster.

Also, note they are all children, who just happen to be carrying around their bible?? In one of TheBag's reference photos, this same kid is looking at his mother with an expression of wonder and awe.....that the great man is going to sign his bible. Ugh!

I wonder how many of these bibles are going to be on e-bay in a couple of years.

Are you telling me he did not write that tome?

I was at first interested in this site, but after reading through the blog posts, I want to go take a shower. Get a freakin' life and some professional help! Your fascination with minutiae is indicative of schizophrenia.

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