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Feb 07, 2008

Harry Reid, I Can't Even Look At You Anymore


So here's Reid, close up like he's the big man in town, hitching his arms and comin' at ya.

Says last night's caption: Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, controls the next steps on the economic stimulus bill.  Control?  What stands out more is the sense of aversion, the lack of eye contact with you and me, and the body language of the guy just behind.  (Likely a typical downward glance, but I can't help reading "hang dog.")

Maybe that's because the parliamentary victory Reid won yesterday over the Pugs was mostly evidence of futility.  If Reid and Pelosi had hung tough and together, they could have channeled the glare of the stock market hysteria two weeks ago to leverage Bush into a joint House/Senate deal.  As it played out instead, Pelosi went her own way, and got left in the hallway by Paulson and Boehner.  So now, we see Reid looming large ... over a slow-motion train wreck.

With the economy supposedly tanking and that supposedly urgent, bipartisan slam-dunk of a stimulus package going the same way, we're looking for leadership.  Harry looks like he couldn't find his suspenders.

image from: Senate G.O.P. Blocks Additions to Stimulus Bill (NYT)
Still Not Making Trouble (Digby)
Update 8:04 pm
: Okay, Harry got it done ... but by taking the deal worked out unilaterally by Pelosi, and largely driven by the White House.

(image:  Brendan Smialowski/NYT.  Washington. February 6, 2008.


They should stop with all the pile ons and either pass the bill or table it. This whole bs just shows it is still politics even in the face of problems. The left always cries about the republicans being only for the rich but that bill the dems are trying to pass is so loaded up with pork for the wealthy. At least the deal the house and the president came up with was geared more to middle class and poor.

Interesting how his tie matches and blends in with the woodwork. The disappearing democrat? Reid looks like he is trying to hold on to his pants. Perhaps his britches are too big for him. Sorry to say but Reid looks like he's been puppy whipped by the pugs. Time for him to step down.

I wonder how anyone can bear to serve in government any more with such superficial criticisms from people who have little insight into the endless deals that have to go on in oder to pass legislation. Making law, making democracy is a process which involves all kinds of give and take. The "sausage" metaphor is usually used to describe it, but the pressures, the timing, the trying to balance conflicting interests to get what one wants is a very difficult process, and we treat it too lightly, here, I think.

Reid could just be doggone tired, you know?

This is not to say I am happy with what the demos are doing in Congress, but I think it is very hard to get what one wants, governmentally, these days. Refome or revolution seem in order, first.

I gotta agree with Cactus on this.

But what I really wanted to say was.... forget the legislation....

What is UP with that OUTFIT?!?!?!?!

Ok...back to the shallow end of the pool for me....

oh, c'mon margaret, get angry!

Rolling Stone => Dems Betrayed Peace Movement For Their Own Political Ends

and btw grrrls, here's the best lede of the week...

With all the talk about how to stimulate it, you'd think that the economy is a giant clitoris.

Bigger balls are needed.

Reid is done.

I'm interested in comparing this photo of Reid (which accompanied this article about the failure of the dems to erase telecom immunity) to a post you made about Reid's "halo" back in 2005.

In the picture from this morning, Reid is stressed looking, and everything is askew from top to bottom. He's hardly the saintly vision of the leader of the "liberal revolution."

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